Sunday, 22 December 2013

Weight changes in a couples program

In the investigation the difference in weight changes of subjects who rated their marriages as more adjusted vs subjects who rated their marriages as less adjusted, conducted by Purdue University, West Lafayette (1),researchers found that Significantly more subjects in the unhappy group also reached ideal weight than subjects in the happy group (50% vs 7.7%). Subjects' initial MAS scores were significantly and negatively correlated with weight changes at post-treatment and follow-up; partners' MAS scores at the end of treatment were also significantly and negatively correlated to subjects' weight losses at post-treatment. None of the couples was initially maritally distressed but one couple met this criterion (MAS less than or equal to 85) by the end of treatment and follow-up

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(1) "Weight changes in a couples program: negative association of marital adjustment" by

Black DR.

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