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Sleep Disorders Prevention (2) - Improve your Lifestyle

A sleep disorder (somnipathy) is a medical disorder of the sleep patterns. It’s important to understand why sleep disorder can deteriorate your health and interfere with normal physical, mental and emotional functioning as it effects your nervous system in the production of the natural hormone melatonin which is necessary for sleep and wakefulness. Polysomnography testing can help to evaluate and detect the patterns of sleep disorder.
Improve your Lifestyle
1. Cut down intake of alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine
Alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine are stimulant, some may have health benefits for the short time, but prolonged of period of using them can cause tension of nervous system, affecting the brain in transmitting information between nerve cells and cells in other parts of the body, causing many kinds of disorder, including sleep disorder.

2. Artificial ingredients
Artificial ingredients are man made chemical compounds which have been proven to be harmful to our health and sleep, if eating in measure amounts. Drinking water will keep the body hydrated, dilute toxins concentration and eliminate toxins. Always wash your fruit and vegetables in cold water before eating to prevent pesticides.

3. Toxins induced sleep disorder
Heavy metals and toxic chemicals in the blood can cause sleep disorder. Exposure to heavy metals and toxic chemicals over a prolonged periods of time also interrupt the normal function of brain in production of hormones and damage to the body organs, leading to diseases, including hormone imbalance and sleep disorder.

4. Improve sleep
There are some steps which you can do to improve healthy sleep and prevent to become a victim of sleep disorder. Researcher found that a good night's sleep not only boosts the immune system in fighting against foreign invasion but also repairs all tear and wear of the body after daily activity in previous day and restore energy and keep you functioning during times when sleep is limited.

5. Eating healthy foods
Eating some kinds of healthy food above enhances the production of serotonin which induces sleep and protects us against the accumulation of toxins by promoting the immune system to cope with today out of our controllable environment hazard.

6. Exercise
Exercise not only improves blood circulation and enhance body movement but also help to cleanse our body organs by eliminating toxins from the blood and lymph system.

7. Weight loss
Weight loss for overweight or obesity person may reduce the symptoms of disorder or cure your sleep disorder entirely. Researcher found that overweight and obese individuals slept less than those of normal weight and sleeping less than 8 hours a day, time of sleeplessness increases proportionally with weight gain of BMI index.

8. Etc.
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