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Sexual Transmitting Diseases (STD) and Pregnancy - How to prevent

Sexual Transmitting Disease (STD), also known as sexually transmitted infection is an illness which can only transmit through sexual intercourse as a result from the infectious partner or IV drug needles after its use by an infected person, through childbirth or breastfeeding, including vaginal intercourse, oral sex, and anal sex.
1. Practice safe sex
Always use condom during sexual activity, including anal sex, oral sex and vaginal sexual intercourse.
2. Limit sex partners
The risk of the diseases increase with numbers of sex partner.
3. Choose your partners with care
4. No alcohol and drug influence
Drunk and drugs are always the excuse for not using a condom.
5. Microbicides
According to the article of Microbicide Research Aims to Prevent STDs Polysaccharides, protegrins, buffered gels and a variety of plant and animal extracts are among promising microbicide candidates.Network: Spring 1996, Vol. 16, No. 3, researcher concluded that the interest in microbicides has been fostered, in part, by the need for a female-controlled method that offers women protection against STDs. The best protection currently available is latex condoms, which men control. Yet, while microbicides have been discussed as a method that will benefit women, the development of these products may protect men from contracting STDs as well, Dr. Hitchcock suggests. And they may be more appealing than condoms to use.
6. Etc 

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