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Nephritis: Glomerulonephritis Prevention - The do`s and do not`s list

Nephritis is defined as a condition of inflammation of the nephrons in the kidneys.
Glomerulonephritis is defined as the condition of inflammation of the tiny filters in  kidneys (glomeruli), which filter blood by removing excess fluid, electrolytes and waste and pass them through urination.  

E.1. The do`s and do not`s list
1. Diet to enhance your immune to prevent infection and inflammation caused by bacteria and virus, including HIV and hepatitis.

2.  Mediterranean diet
On the most healthy diet in the Southern Italy and Northern Greek. MeDiet score was created based on the intake of ten food components: vegetables; whole grains; nuts; legumes; fruits; ratio of monounsaturated:saturated fat; red and processed meat; dairy products; fish; alcohol. researchers at the University of Minnesota, in the study of Relationships of the Mediterranean dietary pattern with insulin resistance and diabetes incidence in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA), showed that ahigher MeDiet score was also associated with significantly lower glucose levels after basic adjustment, but was attenuated after adjustment for waist circumference. During the follow-up, 412 incident diabetes events accrued. The MeDiet was not significantly related to the risk of incident diabetes (P for trend = 0·64). In summary, greater consistency with a Mediterranean-style diet, reflected by a higher a priori MeDiet score, was cross-sectionally associated with lower insulin levels among non-diabetics, and with lower blood glucose before adjustment for obesity, but not with a lower incidence of diabetes(21).

3. Stop smoking
Cigarette contains many harmful  chemicals, including cadmium. There is a significant association between blood cadmium levels and elevated blood pressure regardless of the type of variable (continuous or categorical) in women and men with a lower blood cadmium level compared to previous Korean studies, according to the study by the Soonchunhyang University(22),

4. Safe sex
Safe sex to prevent infection caused by sexual transmitting diseases.

5. Eat well to prevent fluctuation of insulin levels of that can increase the risk of diabetic nephropathy

6. Reduce intake of salt to prevent fluid retention, swelling and hypertension

7. Maintain healthy weight to prevent complications due to obesity

8. Etc.
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