Friday, 20 December 2013

Monounsaturated fatty acids and obese NIDDM patients

In the dettermination of whether the response to weight loss can be improved by altering the macronutrient composition of hypocaloric diets, 17 obese NIDDM patients were studied at I) baseline, 2) after dieting for 6 weeks on a formula diet enriched in either monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs, n = 9) or carbohydrates (CHOs, n = 8) at a 50% caloric deficit, and 3) after 4 weeks of postdiet refeeding on the respective formulas with caloric intake titrated to achieve weight maintenance, conducted by University of Rochester(1), the researchers said" macronutrient composition is an important determinant of the glycemic response to weight-loss therapy in obese NIDDM patients. Based on the C-peptide response during the OGTT, increased CHO-induced insulin secretion is one possible mechanism by which this occurs"

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(1) "Potentiation of effects of weight loss by monounsaturated fatty acids in obese NIDDM patients" by Low CC, Grossman EB, Gumbiner B., posted by PubMed

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