Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Intentional weight loss and dose reductions of anti-diabetic medications

In the investigation to study the mean starting BMI was 35 kg/m(2), mean age 53.4 years, and 58% were male. All 50 used at least one anti-diabetic medication (30 metformin, 39 sulfonylureas, 31 insulin, 21 sitagliptin) to manage blood sugar. Mean duration of follow-up was 30.2 months. Mean weight loss was 10.8 ± 4.1 kgs (11.1% of initial body weight ± 4.7%). 22/50 patients (44%) discontinued anti-diabetes medications (14 sulfonylureas [36%], 7 insulin [23%], 4 sitagliptin [19%]), found that the mean percentage weight loss achieved at the point of successful discontinuation of medication was 11.2% ± 3.5% (14% for sulphonylureas, 11% for insulin, and 7.1% for sitagliptin). Mean percentage weight loss of 5.6% ± 2.8% (5.1% for sulphonylureas, 4.3% for insulin, and 7.1% for sitagliptin) was required for initial dose reduction. For every 5% weight loss, predicted dose reductions were sulphonylureas, 39%; insulin, 42%; and any anti-diabetic medications, 49%. by  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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(1) "Intentional weight loss and dose reductions of anti-diabetic medications--a retrospective cohort study" by Kumar AA, Palamaner Subash Shantha G, Kahan S, Samson RJ, Boddu ND, Cheskin LJ.

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