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Hemorrhaging: Vaginal bleeding - The Symptoms and Diagnosis

Hemorrhaging is also known as bleeding or abnormal bleeding as a result of blood loss due to internal.external leaking from blood vessels or through the skin.
Vaginal bleeding
Vaginal bleeding is defined a condition of abnormal vaginal bleeding or spotting between periods as a result of hormonal imbalances (abnormal uterine bleeding), pregnancy, menopause, diseases, bleeding disorders, medications, etc. Researchers at the 2nd Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Athensuggested that the occurrence of irregular, prolonged or heavy abnormal uterine bleeding is one of the most urgent gynecological problems in adolescence and the diagnosis of dysfunctional uterine bleeding should be used only when all other organic and structural causes of abnormal vaginal bleeding have been ruled out(1).
a. Bleeding or spotting between periods
b. Bleeding after sex
In most case, it is caused by sexual transmitting diseases
c. Irregular menstruation (menstrual cycle less than 28 days (more common) or more than 35 days apart)
d. Variable menstrual flow ranging from scanty to profuse
e. Menopausal bleeding
f. Etc.

F.3. Diagnosis
After a complete physical exam, including pelvic examination and questions related to your general health, including episode of vaginal bleeding, last normal menstrual cycle, previous abnormal bleeding, use of birth control pill, numbers of sexual partners, history of abnormal bleeding, etc.

a. Bacteria culture
If you are experience vaginal bleeding, bacteria cultire may be the first that you doctor orders to rule out sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.

b. Pap smear
To rule out irregular cervicl cell growth cause of vaginal bleeding

c. Endometrial biopsy
If you doctor suspect that the bleeding is of result of endometrial cells overgrowth.

d. Pelvic ultrasound
Pelvic ultrasound allows your doctor to examine the structures and organs in the lower abdomen and pelvis with an aim to find the underlined causes of vaginal bleeding

e. Blood tests such as thyroid function tests, complete blood count
To rule out Ovulatory abnormal uterine bleeding caused by thyroid dysfunction, coagulation defects (most commonly von Willebrand disease.

f. Pregnancy test
the aim of the Pregnancy test is to rule out the bleeding caused by complication of pregnancy,

g. Etc.
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