Monday, 2 December 2013

Hemorrhaging - Hemoptysis - The Managements

Hemorrhaging is also known as bleeding or abnormal bleeding as a result of blood loss due to internal.external leaking from blood vessels or through the skin.
 Hemoptysis is defined as a condition of coughing up blood from the bronchi, larynx, trachea, or lungs.
Researchers at the University of Wisconsin Medical School, Milwaukee, in the study of diagnosis and management of Hemoptysis, indicated that patient's history should help determine the amount of blood and differentiate between hemoptysis, pseudohemoptysis, and hematemesis. A focused physical examination can lead to the diagnosis in most cases. In children, lower respiratory tract infection and foreign body aspiration are common causes. In adults, bronchitis, bronchogenic carcinoma, and pneumonia are the major causes. Chest radiographs often aid in diagnosis and assist in using two complementary diagnostic procedures, fiberoptic bronchoscopy and high-resolution computed tomography, which are useful in difficult cases and when malignancy is suspected. The goals of management are threefold: bleeding cessation, aspiration prevention, and treatment of the underlying cause. Mild hemoptysis often is caused by an infection that can be managed on an outpatient basis with dose monitoring. If hemoptysis persists, consulting with a pulmonologist should be considered. Patients with risk factors for malignancy or recurrent hemoptysis also require further evaluation with fiberoptic bronchoscopy or high-resolution computed tomography(11). Other researchers suggested that the etiology of hemoptysis is best categorized from the various system or site of bleeding. The management of hemoptysis begins with an initial assessment of gas exchange and hemodynamic stability followed by an identification of the cause by means of fiberoptic bronchoscopy, and chest imaging studies to attain cessation of bleeding and to prevent future recurrence(12).
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