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Hemorrhaging: Hematuria - Symptoms and signs

Hemorrhaging is also known as bleeding or abnormal bleeding as a result of blood loss due to internal.external leaking from blood vessels or through the skin.
Hematuria is defined as a medical condition with the presence of blood in the urine.
Symptoms and signs
1. There is a report of healthy 60-year-old man presented with urinary urgency and microhematuria, The workup revealed no urothelial lesions, but did suggest a calcified intraperitoneal mass causing extrinsic compression of the bladder. Laparoscopic exploration revealed a glistening, spherical mass attached by a stalk to the sigmoid colon. Removal and histologic examination of the mass revealed calcified fat necrosis, most likely due to the spontaneous torsion and calcification of an appendix epiploicae(10).

2. Blood clots
 Massive hematuria of renal origin was diagnosed in 4 dogs. In all dogs, blood and blood clots were clearly visible in the urine, according to study by Stone EA and researcher team(11).

3. Burning sensation 
It may be result of inflammation or infection of the urinary track.

4. Pain when urinating (dysuria)
Telephone and clinic interviews identified 21 patients (36%) with symptoms of the dysuria and hematuria syndrome. The most common symptoms were hematuria (71%) and bladder or suprapubic pain (76%). Of the patients 18 (86%) ranked the severity of symptoms as mild to moderate and 3 (14%) ranked them as severe, according to the study by the University of Washington(12).

5. Fever  
As a result of infection or inflammation

6. Weight loss and flank pain
There is a report of 37-year-old man with a history of bladder augmentation presented with gross hematuria, weight loss and flank pain, according to thye study of Department of Clinical Urology, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine

7.  Etc.
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