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Goiter in Pregnancy

Goiter is defined as a condition of the enlargement of the thyroid gland that can lead to swelling the lower part of the neck, causing abnormal functioning in production of thyroid hormone in most cases.
Symptoms of Goiter
In some women, the swelling of thyroid gland has caused no symptoms, if the swelling is not associated
with hormonal abnormalities. On the other hands, symptoms are depended to the association specific diseases.
In general, most symptoms are enlargement of thyroid gland without going into specific underlined diseases
1. Difficulty breathing and swallowing
As result of the enlargement has growth large enough to interfere with breathing and eating.
2. Hoarse voice
As a result of enlargement has interfered with voice box.
3. lump on the front of the neck
Caused by swelling of the thyroid gland
4. Sore throat
5. Etc.  

Treatments are differentiated according to underlined symptoms
1. Hypothyroidism (please read hypothyroidism in pregnancy in Women health section)
It happens in most cases as a result of the necessity of producing more thyroid hormones, causing swelling of thyroid tissue.
2. Toxic multinodular goiter
Toxic multinodular goieter is a form of hyperthyroidism as result of a small nodules in the thyroid gland have produced too much hormones (please read hyperthyroidism in pregnancy in Women health section)
3. Malignancy
It is important for pregnant women to rule out the enlargement of thyroid gland are caused by cancerous cells.
(Please read thyroid cancer for general information)
4. Iodine and Selenium deficiency
In Most cases, it is due to
iodine and Selenium deficiency and happens mostly in the under developed world population.

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