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Gallstone Treatment In Traditional Chinese medicine perspective

A gallstone formed within the gallbladder as a result of changes in bile acid (BA) metabolism and gallbladder function are critical factors in the pathogenesis of gallstones. Gallstones can cause blockage the flow of bile through the bile ducts that can lead to inflammatory causes of  acute cholecystitis. Gallstones are most common among older adults, women, overweight people, etc.
In traditional Chinese perpective
1. Traditional Chinese herbs for nourishing the liver (Yanggan Lidan Granule (YGLDG))
In the study of Eighty guinea pigs randomly divided into four groups, which were normal control group, untreated group, nourishing-liver Chinese drug (NLCD) group and ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) group, with 20 guinea pigs in each group, gallstones were induced in the guinea pigs of the latter 3 groups by the feed of diet inducing cholelithiasis with high cholesterol, while the corresponding medicines were used in NLCD group and UDCA group for prevention and treatment for 7 weeks, showed that the [Ca(2+)]i in gallbladder cells is the important factor for contractile function of gallbladder and the information of gallstones. Traditional Chinese herbs for nourishing the liver may significantly increase the [Ca(2+)]i in gallbladder cells to facilitate contraction of the smooth muscle cells of gallbladder and relieve the cholestatis(17).
Other study to explore the effects of Yanggan Lidan Granule (YGLDG), a compound traditional Chinese herbal medicine for nourishing liver and improving choleresis, on the rate of gallstone formation and content of plasma cholecystokinin in guinea pigs with induced cholesterol gallstones. indicated that YGLDG can significantly decrease the rate of gallstone formation in guinea pigs. It may be related to elevating the content of CCK in the plasma(18).

2. Ingredients of Yanggan Lidan Granule (YGLDG) 
a. Bai Shao tonifies liver Yin,
b. Chen Pi,
c. Gao Qi Zi tonifies liver Yin
d. He shou wu tonifies liver Yin
e. Gan Cao

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