Friday, 20 December 2013

Electronic Tools to Assist with Identification and Counseling for Overweight Patients

In the identification of recognition, when patients are overweight and infrequently counsel them about weight loss. Evaluate a set of electronic health record (EHR)-embedded tools to assist with identification and counseling of overweight patients has become extreme important, as patients of physicians receiving the intervention were more likely than those of usual care physicians to receive a diagnosis of overweight (22% vs. 7%; p = 0.02) and weight-specific counseling (27% vs. 15%; p = 0.02). Most patients receiving counseling in the intervention group reported increased motivation to lose weight (90%) and taking steps toward their goal (93%). Most intervention physicians agreed that the tool alerted them to patients they did not realize were overweight (91%) and improved the effectiveness of their counseling (82%); more than half (55%) reported counseling overweight patients more frequently (55%). However, most physicians used the tool infrequently because of time barriers(1)

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(1) "Electronic Tools to Assist with Identification and Counseling for Overweight Patients: a Randomized Controlled Trial" By Tang JW, Kushner RF, Cameron KA, Hicks B, Cooper AJ, Baker DW., posted in PubMed

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