Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Ectopic Pregnancy - The Treatments

Ectopic pregnancy is defined as a condition in which the fertilized implant in somewhere else other than in the uterus. In most case, ectopic pregnancy occurs in the one of the Fallopian tube, causing tubal pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy will end up in miscarriage as the fertilized can not survive outside of uterus.
1. Medicine
Once the ectopic pregnancy is clearly confirmed, and in the early stage of pregnancy, the medicine methotrexate can be used to terminates the growth of the developing embryo, instead of surgery. The termination of the ectopic pregnancy with the use of the drug methotrexate can cause abortion like or the tissue to pass as a period.

2. Surgery
If the bleeding has already occurred, then surgery to remove the tissue is become necessary to stop the bleeding by either laparoscopy or laparotomy to gain access to the pelvis. The removal of only the ectopic pregnancy, or the ectopic pregnancy and the affected tube depending to the the location and the size of the affected area.

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