Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Ectopic Pregnancy - Causes and risk factors

Ectopic pregnancy is defined as a condition in which the fertilized implant in somewhere else other than in the uterus. In most case, ectopic pregnancy occurs in the one of the Fallopian tube, causing tubal pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy will end up in miscarriage as the fertilized can not survive outside of uterus.
Causes and risk factors
1. Advancing age
Risk of ectopic pregnancy increases with advancing age pregnancy.

2. Exposed to diethylstilbestrol
Women who are exposed to diethylstilbestrol are at 3 times higher risk than non exposed women.

3. In a study of "BestBets: Risk Factors for Ectopic Pregnancy reported by Emma Shawkat - 4th Year Medical Student, Institution of Manchester Royal Infirmary researcher found that There are numerous risk factors associated with an ectopic pregnancy they are (followed by the range of odds ratios):
a. Pelvic inflammatory disease 3.17-5.7,
b. Infertility 2.0-2.74,
c. In utero DES exposure 5.6,
d. Tubal surgery 4.0-21,
e. Current smoking, 1.7-6.0
f. Previous ectopic pregnancy 1.2-8.3,
g. Multiple sexual partners 2.1-3.2,
h. Current IUD use 4.2-45,
i. Sterilization 9.3 and
j. Previous abortion 0.95-14.71

4. Etc.

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