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Colitis - Treatments in Traditional Chinese medicine

Colitis is defined as a condition of inflammation of the large intestine, including the colon, caecum and rectum.
In traditional Chinese medicine perspective
According to traditonal Chinese medicine, colitis is a result of irregular functioning of the stomach and spleen systems of that enhances bleeding, mucus, and diarrhea(123).
 Also according to the article of Dr. John Zhang (MD, China), an experienced Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine Specialist with a private practice in Toronto.
1.  In case study of involved a 50-year-old male 
Colitis can be result of the accumulation of damp-heat in the patient’s body of that prevented the stomach and spleen systems from working to their full potential with symptoms of frequented bowel movements (over 20 time a day), along with plenty of mucus and bleeding.

2.  In case study of involved a a 34-year-old female
Or  as the result of a spleen and stomach deficiency due to a prolong period of illness with symptoms of mucus in the stool, and constant rectal bleeding resulting in significant blood loss every day.
During the courses of treatment with above differentiation, Dr. Chang also indicated that Dietary therapy is an important part of treatment. Patients should avoid or limit mucous-forming foods such as dairy (milk, cheese, ice cream), as well as cold (raw) foods and spicy/greasy deep fried foods. Easily digested, bland, and cooked foods are recommended. If you want do know more of above article, please visit(123).

Other study in using TCM herbal extract ((Forsythia koreana, Corydalis saxicola, Semiaquilegia adoxoides, Taraxacum officinale, Chrysanthemum coronarium, Glycyrrhiza inflate, and Lonicera japonica) ) in treating Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in Female Swiss-Webster mice, showed that treatment with the combination of medicinal herbs decreases leukocyte infiltration and mucosal ulceration, ameliorating the course of acute colonic inflammation. This herbal remedy may prove to be a novel and safe therapeutic alternative in the treatment of IBD(124).
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