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Breast Feeding - Benefit to the mother

Most babies were born with a sucking reflex to suck and swallow milk. Breast feeding is one of older form of feeding to the baby directed from the mother breast long before the invention of formula and cow milk. Many studies have proven that the mother milk is one of most nutrients and beneficial to the mother as well as the baby, such as protecting the baby from cold and infection and the mother from certain diseases and cancer, etc. according to The World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).
Benefit to the mother
1. Reduce the risk of heart diseases
In a study of 300 women, scientists found that women who breast-fed their babies were less likely to have plaque in their coronary artery, aorta, and carotid artery later in life than women who did not breast-feed, according to the report of (HealthScout) UPDATED 2009-12-21.

2. Reduced risk of breast cancer
According to the Fact Sheet #29, May 1999 of Cornall University Breast-feeding may modestly reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Out of 31 studies, more than half reported that women who breast-fed had a decreased risk of developing breast cancer (ranging from 10%-64%) compared to women who never breast-fed. The rest of the studies reported that breast-feeding had no influence on the risk of developing breast cancer.

3. Reduced risk of ovarian cancer
In study of Breastfeeding and risk of ovarian cancer in two prospective cohorts by Danforth KN, Tworoger SS, Hecht JL, Rosner BA, Colditz GA, Hankinson SE., researchers found that These data support a linear inverse association between breastfeeding and risk of epithelial ovarian cancer.

4. Reduced risk osteoporosis in elder women
A 1990-91 study of Sydney women aged 65 years and over suggested that breastfeeding protected against hip fracture in old age, with a dose-response relationship between average duration of breastfeeding per child and risk of hip fracture., according to the article of Breastfeeding Reduces the Chance of Osteoporosis from

5. Promotes weight loss.
A study of Breastfeeding reduces maternal lower body fat by Kramer, F., published in the Journal of American Dietician Associationresearchers found that Mothers who breastfed exclusively or partially had significantly larger reductions in hip circumference and were less above their prepregnancy weights at 1 month postpartum than mothers who fed formula exclusively.

6. Etc.

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