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Appendicitis Treatment in Traditional Chinese medicine perspective

Appendicitis is defined as a condition of inflammation of Appendix. It is classified as an emergency, in many required the removal of the appendix. If burst, or perforate, spilling infectious materials into the abdominal cavity can be life threatening.
Treatment in Traditional Chinese medicine perspective 
Traditional Chinese medicine on a weight basis, includes 190-210 parts of gentrin knotweed, 190-210 parts of sargentodoxa cuneata, 190-210 parts of common reed rhizome, and 140-160 parts of licorice. The medication  has the effects of clearing heat clearing and removing toxicity, antibiosis and antiphlogosis, dispelling wind and expelling parasites, dispersing blood stasis and relieving pain, removing edema and dissipating binds on acute and chronic appendicitis patients, can gradually restore the appendix tissue and the functions, causes less recurrence after a patient is cured, is convenient for use, can reduce pain, has no toxic or side effect, and is cheap and highly-effective, according to the Abstract of study (English, CN 102266504 B) posted in  
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