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Herbal Therapy: Green Tea In Ameliorated Risk, Progression and Treatment of Liver Fibrosis

Kyle J. Norton

Green tea may have a therapeutic and positive effect in reduced risk and treatment of  Liver Fibrosis, some scientists suggested.

Green tea containingmore amount of antioxidants than any drink or food with the same volume, is the leaves of Camellia sinensis, undergone minimal oxidation during processing, originated from China.

Liver fibrosis is a liver disease with excessive accumulation of scar tissue as a result of inflammation and liver cell death

According to Fibro Test, approximately, the prevalence of advanced fibrosis was 2.8% in a general population aged 40 years or older.

According to the application of a novel bio-nano particle named 'Chitosan nano-encapsulated green tea extract' at the ultrastructural level on 25 adult rats induced liver toxicity by injection of carbon-tetrachloride and ethanol doses for 3 weeks, rats treated with novel substance expressed a significant reduction of nearly 25% of the sub-cellular area infected with hepatic fibrosis.

The efficacy of Chitosan nano-encapsulated green tea extract in decreased liver fibroids was attributed to the antioxidant activity in inhibited the expression of the injected chemicals in induction over production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in chain reaction to elevated oxidative stress in initiation of liver cell apoptosis.

Observed by scanning electron microscopy, oral administration of novel bio-nano particle also exerted a strong free radical scavengers effect in protected against changes of cell surface structure and surrounding area between the hepatocytes, thus ameliorated risk of collagen deposit to cause liver fibroids.

Moreover, in carbon tetrachloride CCL4 induced fibrotic liver tissues in rat models, treatment of Green Tea Extract (GTE) encapsulated into Chitosan Nanoparties (CS-NPs) revealed that collagen fibers of 250 to 300 nm widths found in the fibrotic liver samples of control group with no treatment were cleared in green tea treatment group.

The effectiveness of GTE is reduced expression of collagen fibers in the liver a was found to correlate to the antioxidant expression in reduced CCL4 in induction of over production of free radicals in precipitated liver tissue damage.

Interestingly, in the evaluation of the protective effect of green tea extract (GT) on hepatic fibrosis in vitro and in vivo in dimethylnitrosamine (DMN)-induced rats, researchers at the Korea University, indicated that application of GT inhibited activated HSC-T6, a rat hepatic stellate cell line which is considered as the major cell type involved in liver fibrosis.

The application also attenuated the collagen deposition which are elevated and acted as a biomaker for progression of liver fibrosis, particularly, in expression of collagen type 1 formation of scar tissue in response to liver damage, found in the early event in the development of hepatic fibrosis, confirmed both by liver histology and by quantitative measurement of hepatic hydroxyproline content.

Dr. Kim HK, the lead author said, "green tea administration can effectively improve liver fibrosis caused by DMN, and may be used as a therapeutic option and preventive measure against hepatic fibrosis".

Taken together, green tea  with abundant bioactive polyphenols may have a therapeutic and pharmaceutical effect in reduced risk, progression and treatment  of liver fibroid caused by forming of scars as a result of liver damage through antioxidant activity.

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