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15 Health Benefits of Lentils

Kyle J. Norton

Lentil, type of pulse and tiny legume that can be cooked quickly and rich in protein and fiber is a bushy annual plant of genus Lens to the Fabaceae family, native to Middle East.

Lentils (Lens)
13 Health Benefits of Lentils
1. Food Therapy: Lentils (Legume) Ameliorated Risk of Hyperlipidemia
2. Food Therapy: Lentils(Bean) Lectin in Reduced Risk of Early Onset and Treatment of Colon Cancer
3. Food Therapy: Lentils (Legumes) in Reduced Risk, Progression and Treatment of Metabolic Syndrome
4.Lentils and Whole Food Lectin,, A Treatment and Biomarker and Therapeutic Targets for treatment of Cervical cancer
5. Food therapy: Lentils Intake in Weight Loss and Complications and Treatment Obesity
6. Food Therapy: Lentils Intake in Attenuated Risk and Progression of Atherosclerosis
7. Food Therapy: Lentils (Pulse) in Ameliorated Risk, Progression and Treatment of Diabetes
8. Food Therapy: Lentils as Bio-makers and Potential Targets in Risk and Treatment of Prostate Cancer
9. Food Therapy: Lentils (Legumes) Intake in Improvement of Diet Quality
10. Food Therapy: Lentils Antioxidants in Reduced ROS Over Expression in Induction of Acute and Chronic Inflammatory Diseases
11. Food Therapy: Lentils(Pulses) in Ameliorated Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
12. Food Therapy: Lentil (Plant) Lectin in Attenuated Risk and Treatment of Breast Cancer
13. Lentil (Other Sources) Lectins as Biomarkers and Treatment of Kidney Cancer
14. Food Therapy: Lentils in Reduced Risk and Treatment of Hypertension
15. Food Therapy: Lentil Lectins in Optimization Immune Function Against Pathogens

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