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Phytochemical Allyl isothiocyanate and Colorectal Cancer

Allyl isothiocyanate is phytochemical containing sulfur in the class of organosulfur compound, found abundantly in horseradish, mustard, wasabi, etc.
Bowel cancer also known as colorectal cancer, is defined as a condition of the abnormal proliferation of cells in the colon, rectum, or vermiform appendix. Bowl is divided in 2 parts, the first part of the bowel, the small bowl, is involved with the digestion and absorption of food. The 2nd part, the large bowel which consist the the colon and rectum, is involved in absorption of water from the small bowel contents and broken down of certain materials in the feces into substances of which some of them to be re absorbed and reused by the body. Bowel cancer is relatively very common and slowly growing and progress cancer and in predictable way.
Bowel cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in developed countries, including U>S and Canada.

In HT-29 colorectal cell line, phytochemical Allyl isothiocyanate, showed to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells by induced blocking cell division associated with disruption of alpha-tubulin(1). The phytochemical also found to inhibit the same cell line through suppresses aberrant crypt foci in the  the mucus layer that lines the intestinesof rats(2).
Dr. Musk SR. and Dr. Johnson IT. at the AFRC Institute of Food Research, Norwich Laboratory suggested that AITC showed to exert its cytotoxic and cytostatic effects against the development of colorectal cancer by selectively inhibiting the growth of transformed cell clones within the gastrointestinal mucosa(3).

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