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Herbal Ashwagandha Protects the Neurons Against the Risk of Neuroblastoma

By Kyle J. Norton

A neuron is a nerve cell that forms a building block of the nervous system.

Neuroblastoma is cancer developed by the immature nerve cells found in several areas of the body, mostly in and around the adrenal glands.

Cancer most commonly affects children age 5 or younger compared to less often in older children.

According to the statistics provided by the Cancer Net, approximately 800 children are diagnosed with neuroblastoma in the United States.

And 90% of children affected by neuroblastoma are children younger than 5.

Sadly, the the-5-year survival rate of cancer is less than 50%.

Most common symptoms are totally depending on the area that has been effected
* Neuroblastoma in the abdomen can induce symptoms of pains, a mass under the skin that isn't tender when touched and changes in bowel habits, such as diarrhea or constipation.

* Neuroblastoma in the chest may cause symptoms including wheezing, chest pain and changes to the eyes, including drooping eyelids and unequal pupil size
Some patients with neuroblastoma may also experience symptoms of back pain, fever, unexplained weight loss, and bone pain.

Ashwagandha also known as Withania somnifera is a nightshade plant in the genus of Withania, belonging to the family Solanaceae, native to the dry parts of India, North Africa, Middle East, and the Mediterranean.

The herbal medicine has been considered as Indian ginseng and used in Ayurvedic medicine over 3000 years to treat tumors and tubercular glands, carbuncles, memory loss, and ulcers and considered as anti-stress, cognition-facilitating, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging herbal medicine.

On finding a potent compound for the protection of neurons, researchers examined the effects of ashwagandha root extract consumption on human neuroblastoma (IMR32).

Human neuroblastoma (IMR32) cells, pretreated with Ashwagandha-reagents for 24 h, were exposed to H2O2 (300 μM) for 2 h, before incubating in control or test medium supplemented with either the alcoholic (i-Extract) or water (WEX) extracts or their active components (withanone or withaferin A), showed a significant effect on H2O2 by 40%.

Furthermore,  i-Extract, withanone or WEX also resulted in an increase in neuron viability by 20–30%. 

In other words, IMR32 cells treated by i-Extract, withanone or WEX protected the neuron integrity and viability against the oxidative activity of H2O2 that causes DNA damage to the brain cells.

On LDH assay analysis, Dr. Navjot Shah, the lead scientist said, " Similar to the viability assay, LDH assay also showed the least protective effect in case of withaferin A-treated cells. Furthermore, cell morphology endorsed that the i-Extract, withanone, and WEX protected IMR32 and C6 cells against H2O2 stress".

Taken altogether, Ashwagandha may be considered a functional herb that protects the neurons against the onset of neuroblastoma, pending to the result of larger sample size and multicenter study

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