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Food Therapy: Beet, The Best anti inflammatory functional Food

Kyle J. Norton

Intake of beet juice may have a reduced effect of inflammation through suppressing production of pro inflammatory cytokines produced by immunity.

Inflammation is the reaction of immune system in protected our body against foreign invasion cause of infection or tissues damage.

Beet, best known as the beetroot or garden beet is a perennial plant with leafy stems growing to 1–2 m tall, belonging to the amaranth family,

Intake of raw beet juice (RBJ) and cooked beet (CB) on BP of hypertensive subjects, showed a significant improvement of inflammation through regulating the cell signal protein in initiation of systemic inflammation involved in acute phase of inflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) and reducing high-sensitivity level of C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) which have a major effect in the onset of cardiovascular risk in both tested groups.

Although the reduced blood pressure is not sustainable in tested subjects after creasing intake of raw beet juice (RBJ) and cooked beet (CB), the improvement of endothelial function as a result of the presence of nitric oxide and systemic inflammation during the test are remarkable.

Endothelial dysfunction is a major risk factor of cardiovascular disease and precedes the development of atherosclerosis.

In muscle damage following a marathon of 30 recreationally active males, using a double blind, independent group design with doses of beetroot juice (H-BT; 250 ml), a lower dose of beetroot juice (L-BT; 125 ml), or an isocaloric placebo (PLA; 250 ml) immediately (×3 servings), oral administered beet juice groups, showed a faster recovery of muscle damage at 48 hours in compared control.

Further analysis, application of beetroot juice in any dose enhanced over expression of antioxidants induced recover of muscle damage not only was attributed to the juice function in reduced high-sensitivity level of C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) but also increased modulation of enzyme creatine kinase (CK) responsible in expression by various tissues and cell types during muscle damage.

The antioxidant effects of beet juice also displayed a significant activity in reduced gene interleukin-6 (IL-6) secreted by T cells and macrophages in production of pro inflammatory cytokine to induce the acute phase of inflammation caused by muscle damage and exhibited anti inflammatory mytokines in fighting against infection.

Additionally, administration of beetroot juice inhibited the release of neutrophils and regulated gene interleukin-8 (IL-8), a chemoattractant cytokine produced by a variety of tissue and blood cells in expression of inflammation in the site of damage.

Neutrophils is a type of immune cells released to site of infection by immunity. Over expression of  neutrophils normally are an indication of acute infection.

Taking altogether, beet juice and products may have a remarkable effect in reduced risk of over inflammatory expression of immune system when come to muscle damage and infection caused by microorganisms.

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