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Phytochemical Sulforaphane (Dithiolthiones) and Liver disease

Dithiolthiones are phytochemicals in the class of Organosulfides, found abundantly in cruciferous vegetables, garden sorrel, horseradish, etc.
Sulforaphane and Liver disease
Liver disease in most cases are linked to alcohol or drugs. In fact, it can be caused by a variety of factors and affecting everyone from infants to older adults.
In CYP2E1-dependent binge alcohol-induced liver steatosis, oral treatment of sulforphane sulforaphane showed to  activated Nrf2, increased levels of the Nrf2 target heme oxygenase-1 and subsequently lowered oxidant stress as shown by the decline in lipid peroxidation and 3-nitrotyrosine protein adducts and an increase in GSH levels(1). In  the comparison of the effectiveness of Sulforaphane and glucoraphanin in modulating carcinogen-metabolising enzymes in Hep G2 cells, Dr Abdull Razis AF1, and Noor NM found that sulforphane is superior to glucoraphanin in modulators of various phase I and phase II enzymes involved in carcinogen-metabolising enzyme systems in vitro(2). The University of Rhode Island, Kingston study also insisted that SF activate  Nrf2 activation in inhibited lipid accumulation in white adipose tissue, suppressed adipogenesis, induced insulin resistance and glucose intolerance, and increased hepatic steatosis in Lep(ob/ob) mice(3)..
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