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The days of China “One Belt and one Road” Initiative Implementation and After

By Kyle J. Norton

How actually the policy implants and what is the aim of the policy?

According to the differentiation of the Lowy Institute publication, “It (the policy) aims to strengthen Beijing’s economic leadership through a vast program of infrastructure building throughout China’s neighbouring regions” and “Many foreign policy analysts view this initiative largely through a geopolitical lens, seeing it as Beijing’s attempt to gain political leverage over its neighbours” and “There is no doubt that is part of Beijing’s strategic calculation”.

These probably are truth in the general point of view, however under the examination of the history of the parts, I believe the “One Belt and One policy” is the collection of past experiences date back from the British colonized all over the world in the 19 century.

If British had colonized the world through military might, the “One Belt and One Road”

China will take over the world with economic might through contribution of free aids or conditional ails, infrastructure, schools, hospitals free….. in exchange to allow Chinese companies to open banks, factories in all services in the nation.

Furthermore, most products produced by the country were bought before hand as a sources of repaid to conditional aids and loan.

These can easily be seen through conditional aid for oil in Venezuela, rice in Thailand, and banana in Philippine ……and many more.

These policy years by years will make the economy of such countries total dependent to the Chinese investment. One day if over 50% of workers of such countries are worked for Chinese companies, how do you think the politic values?

The important thing of many countries willing to joint the “One Belt and One Road initiative is the Chinese economic might has improved the living standard of most population of the countries.

These living standard under the initiative will improve even more and years by years.

When these will end, no body knows.

These can easily seen how prosper of Vietnam today in compared to the live of citizens before joining the initiative.

Ask the boat people, they will tell you everything about the past and ask the Vietnamese in the Ho Chi Minh they will tell you the future. There is more Chinese made motorcycles on the road in Ho chi Minh in compared to the past and other countries which also sell motorcycles in Vietnam.

The policy is also taking the experience of American foreign policy in the 60 and 70.

How much the American has spent to gain the political influence in the world during the Cold War. Billions to Trillion of dollars of taxpayers money has been spent and the government got NOTHING in return. Who made all the money? While the American government kept on spending.

Under the “One Belt and One Road”, money spent as foreign aid and investment of company in such countries will all returned to the Chinese government Coffin.

The Chinese government not only gains political and economic values in such countries, but also makes substantial profits too.

Under this plan, the Chinese government not only gets stronger as every year gone by financially and politically, they also makes the Chinese in China happier through improving living standard of its own citizens.

Unlike the America might depending to deficit accumulation, the Chinese government does not need to borrow from any body, as they are the richest nation in the whole planet and will get richer in the future.

More importantly, the policy also taking into account of past replenish and uncontrolled spending of Japanese government and companies during the 70 Japan’s economic expansion.

How much the Japanese had been wasted by spending billions if not trillions in investments that went bellyup?

The Japanese lost all of their fortune made during the 70 to 80, and became a country with most debts in compared to GDP.

Chinese government and companies now only invest in the companies which can either produce immediately return of their principles or help to improve the products or service of the mother companies.

These will warrant that they will keep their lost to the minimum state or no lost at all.

The revise of Chinese constitution to allow Xi Jin Ping to become permanent General Secretary of the Communist Party of China is one of indication and determination of current regime to ensure that the initiative can be implemented and carried over at least into and after the era of Xi Jin Ping.

Years after the implementation of the “One Belt and one Road” Initiative, if success, the world balance will change with China firmly in domination of Far East Asian, including Pakistan, The South America and Africa.

What will happen to the future of the Chinese “One Belt and One Road” policy? No body knows, but I am confident to my analysis.

Refernce Lowry Institute

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