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Herbal Therapy: Aloe Vera, the Natural Whole Food in Inhibited HSV-1(Herpes simplex)

By Kyle J. Norton

The use of plants for healing purposes has been predated long before the existence of  modern medicine. Herbal plants have formed a fundamental source for conventional medicine in discovery of single ingredient medication, including aspirin (from willow bark), quinine (from cinchona bark), and morphine (from the opium poppy)......

Aloe vera may be the next potential topical medicine used for treatment of oral HSV-1 infections without exerting any toxicity, the study by the renowned institute suggested.

Aloe Vera is species of succulent plant in the genus Aloe, belonging to the Family Xanthorrhoeaceae, native to Sudan. It has become very popular for commercial cultivation due to its health benefits, used in herbal medicine in treating many kinds of disease, including wound, burn healing, minor skin infections, sebaceous cysts, diabetes, and elevated of cholesterol, etc.

Herpes simplex is a contagious disease caused by human herpes virus 1 and 2, the 2  members of the herpes virus family.

According to the joint study lead by the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, gel extraction with concentrations of Aloe vera (0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, and 5%) exhibited anti-HSV-1 activity assessed by plaque reduction assay.

Dr. Rezazadeh F, the lead author of the study said, "The inhibitory effect of various concentrations of Aloe vera was observed one hour after the Vero cell was infected with HSV-1. However, there was no significant difference between two serial concentrations".

Acemannan, an extracted polysaccharide from Aloe vera, has shown to exhibited antiviral activities against herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), in vivo through activation of immune responses.

Combination with azidothymidine(an antiretroviral medication) and acyclovir(an antiviral medication) administration acted synergistically to inhibit the replication of HIV-1 and herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), respectively.

In fact, the effects of the combination against U1 cells infected with HIV-1, are also attributed to the function of blocking the potentiate of virus replication without inducing toxicity.

Although Aloe Vera have shown to inhibit the replication of HSV-1 activity through its anti viral property, more precised understanding of the biological activities is necessary before developping Aloe vera as a pharmaceutical source.

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