Thursday, 28 September 2017

Food Therapy: Kidney bean, the Best Anti-cancer Healthy Whole Food

By Kyle J. Norton

Expectation of easing symptoms after a few days of herbal treatment, in most cases are ended with disappointment. Symptoms of the diseases can only be eased gradually, depending to stage of the treatment which directly addresses to the cause of the disease.

Kidney bean may have potential effects against irregular cell growth in the body, causing various types of cancer, a recent study proposed.

Kidney bean is popular food, with  kidney shape, strong flavor and color in reddish brown in nature, used often as an excellent dietary selection because of enormous health benefits with a good source of protein and minerals.

Cancer, a group of diseases characterized by cells growing and multiplying disordered and uncontrollable in our body. At the late stage, cancer cells may travel a distance away from the original site to invase other tissues and organs.

According to the joint study lead by the Shenzhen University, chemical compound 60-kDa glucosamine binding lectin, white kidney bean lectin (WKBL), showed an efficacy in inhibited HepG2 activity in compared to MCF7 cells through induced anti proliferative and anti apoptotic activities.

The study also found that epithelial tumor cell lines ( HONE-1) also are inhibited by chemical compound lectin in activation of various extrinsic apoptosis pathway involved cell death.

Dr. Chan YS, the lead author said, " The (anti proliferative) activity could be reduced by addition of glucosamine, which occupies the binding sites of WKBL, indicating that carbohydrate binding is crucial for the activity".

Beside chemical compound 60-kDa glucosamine binding lectin, 64-kDa glucosamine-specific lectin isolated from brown kidney bean also exhibited antiproliferative activity against nubers of cell lines including human breast cancer (MCF7) cells, hepatoma (HepG2) cells and nasopharyngeal carcinoma (CNE1 and CNE2) cells with concentration of an inhibitor of 5.12 µM, 32.85 µM, 3.12 µM and 40.12 µM respectively after treatment for 24 hours.

Particularly in breast cancer cell line MCF7, formation of apoptotic bodies of the tumors are associated to apoptosis involved estrogen receptor(ER) stress and directed protein response.

Taking together, Kidney bean processed an anti cancer effects by exhibited anti proliferative and anti apoptotic activities against the early stage of development and progression of the cancer in various pathway. Please note that raw kidney beans are toxic.

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(2) Isolation of a glucosamine binding leguminous lectin with mitogenic activity towards splenocytes and anti-proliferative activity towards tumor cells by Chan YS1, Wong JH, Fang EF, Pan W, Ng TB.(PubMed)

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