Sunday, 3 September 2017

Food Therapy: Coffee, A Potent Beverage for Weight Loss and Weight Management?

By Kyle J. Norton

In compared to herbal medicine, food therapy even takes longer to ease symptoms, depending to stages of the treatment which directly address to the cause of the disease.

Coffee, a popular drink may be an excellent beverage for induced weight loss and weight management, a reviewed study by respectable university revealed.

Coffee, emerging as a popular and social beverage all over the world, particular in the West, is a drink made from roast bean from the Coffea plant, native to tropical Africa and Madagascar.

Weight loss is an intentional reduction of the total body mass, according to the definition stated by medicine, health, or physical fitness experts.

According to the University of Exeter, in the reviewed data from human clinical trials, differentiated 8 eligible trials, green coffee extract (GCE) have moderated or significant effect in reduced weight loss in compared to placebo.

In rat model, 48t rats fed with either a control diet with water (C) or a control diet with a coffee solution (CF). At the end of week 4, animals in each dietary group were subdivided into three exercise groups: before exercise (BE), during exercise (DE), and after exercise (AE), group fed with coffee solution showed a significant in reduced total weight compared diet with water group.

The efficacy of dietary coffee in decreased total weight loss may be attributed to the extract function in stimulated the production of antioxidant in suppressed free radical expression. as well as increasing total cholesterol.

Dr. Choi EY the lead author said,"freeze-dried instant coffee can promote activities of antioxidant enzymes and induce weight loss but also aggravate the plasma cholesterol profile in rats".

Additionally, in the compared the daily consumption of coffee and caffeinated beverages between 494 weight loss maintainers and 2129 individuals from the general population, consumed significantly more cups of coffee are found in the weight loss maintainers than the general population group.

Other researchers insisted that the efficacy of coffee in induced weight loss, probably due to activities of caffeine and other chemical constituents of coffee, such as chlorogenic acid and quinides.
Collective findings suggested that coffee may have a potentially therapeutic property in weight deduction. But some reviewed trials were associated with a high risk of bias. poor methodological quality, therefor, more studies are necessary to confirm the promising validity, some researchers suggested.

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