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Food Therapy: Kidney(Common) Bean, The Whole Food in Reduced Risk and Treatment of Colon Cancer

By Kyle J. Norton

The use of plants for healing purposes has been predated long before the existence of  modern medicine. Herbal plants have formed a fundamental source for conventional medicine in discovery of single ingredient medication, including aspirin (from willow bark), quinine (from cinchona bark), and morphine (from the opium poppy)......

Intake of thoroughly cooked  kidney bean may reduce risk and inhibit the progression of colon cancer, the recent study suggested.

Kidney bean is popular food, with  kidney shape, strong flavor and color in reddish brown in nature, used often as an excellent dietary selection because of enormous health benefits with a good source of protein and minerals.

Colon cancer is a condition of the abnormal proliferation of cells in the colon.

According to the Hannam University Daedeok Valley Campus, Korean kidney bean husk extract, ameliorated risk of colon cancer through the ability in control the messenger initiated chemical reactions of intracellular signaling responsible for inducing antitumor activities in colon cancer cells.

The anti preoperative effect of the extract also exhibited the protein in resposible in inducing cell death by interfering phases of tumor cell cycle division.

Dr.Lee YK, the lead author in the study said, " the ability of carcinogenesis control by Korean kidney bean husk extract with high potency suggests its value as an antitumor agent in colon cancer therapy."

Further more, in the evaluated composition and chemopreventive effect of a polysaccharide extract (PE) from cooked common beans ( P. vulgaris L), including kidney bean, in Negro 8025 with azoxymethane (AOM) induced colon cancer, rats group fed with polysaccharide extract (PE) showed a significantly decreased clusters of abnormal tissues in the lining of the colon and rectum.

The study also insisted, the anti colon cancer activity can also be attributed to cell apoptostic expression and action of butyrate concentration found in the beans.

In support to the above differentiation, the Querétaro State University study concluded that the efficacy of common bean in treatment of colon cancer is a result of chemoprevention against aberrant crypt foci, clusters of abnormal tube-like glands in the lining of the colon and rectum through a combination of cell-cycle arrest in phase I and II.

Additionally, the study also suggested that through modulation of gene expression profiles in the colon tissue, non-digestible fraction (NDF) of cooked bean (cultivar Bayo Madero) may contribute to the chemoprotective effect on early-stage colon cancer.

Taking together, intake of kidney bean regularly may have a potential effect in reduced risk and treatment of early stage of colon cancer.

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