Saturday, 23 September 2017

Food Therapy: Black Bean In Reduced Risk of CVD and Diabetes in Metabolic Syndrome Adults

By Kyle J. Norton

People who turn to alternative medicine for treatment of disease in avoidance of adverse effects induced by conventional medicine should be patient. In compared to herbal medicine; food therapy even takes longer to ease symptoms, depending to stages of the treatment which directly address to the cause of disease.

Intake of black bean and other common bean may associate to ameliorated risk of metabolic syndrome induced type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, a joint study of renowned institutes suggested.

Metabolic Syndrome is a group of risk factors associated with the development of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.
Black bean, a small roughly ovoid legume with glossy black shells, genus Phaseolus, belongings to the family Fabaceae can be bought in most grocery stores all around the year in dried and canned forms. It is believed that black bean was first domesticated growth in South America.

In a pilot study consisted 12 men and women with metabolic syndrome randomly assigned to eat three standard meals in a crossover design on three different occasions that contained either no added fiber (control (NF)), extrinsic or added fiber (AF), or whole black beans as the source of intrinsic fiber (BN). 5 hours after meal intake, black bean injection group showed a remarkable improvement of blood glucose, insulin, cholecystokinin (CCK) and the GI hormones in compared to other groups.

Unfortunately, even with such results, black bean meal was not the meal of choice of tested adult in compared to NF meal which tended to result in more satisfaction.

Dr. Reverri EJ, the lead author said, "incorporating whole blackbeans into a meal has acute beneficial metabolic and GI hormone responses in adults with metabolic syndrome and are preferred over adding equivalent amounts of fiber from a supplement."

Other, in the study of 12 adults with metabolic syndrome (MetS) consumed one of three meals (black bean (BB), fiber matched (FM), and antioxidant capacity matched (AM)) on three occasions with included blood collection before (fasting) and five hours postprandially, black beam intake group showed an improvement of insulin resistance, antioxidant capacity, oxLDL and inhibited pro inflammatory expression against risk factor of metabolic syndrome in increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The study also suggested black bean group according to observed plasma antioxidant capacity may be less at beginning in compared to AM group, but at the end point, BB group showed a significant antioxidant levels in compared to other 2 groups.

The finding evidences suggested that black bean may be considered as a therapeutic functional food in reduced risk of metabolic syndrome which is an early indicator of onset of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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