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Food Therapy: Black Bean, A Potent Anti Breast Cancer Functional Food

By Kyle J. Norton

People who turn to alternative medicine for treatment of disease in avoidance of adverse effects induced by conventional medicine should be patient. In compared to herbal medicine; food therapy even takes longer to ease symptoms in compared to herbal medicine, depending to stage of the treatment which directly address to the cause of disease.

Intake a portion of black bean regularly may reduce risk of early onset and treatment of breast cancer, a renowned institute study suggested.

Breast cancer (malignant breast neoplasm) is a condition of abnormal cell growth in the breast area.

Breast cancer in most cases, starts in the tissues of the breast either from the inner lining of milk ducts (Ductal carcinoma) or the lobules (Lobular carcinoma) that supply the ducts with milk. but in rare instance, breast cancer may arise from other areas of the breast.

Black bean, a small roughly ovoid legumes with glossy black shells, genus Phaseolus, belongings to the family Fabaceae can bought in most grocery stores all around the year in dried and canned forms. It is believed that black bean was first domesticated growth in South America.

In the study of water-soluble condensed tannins isolated from black beans against Hs578T breastc cancer cells, the preparation at 0.24-24 microM  in dose-dependent induced cancer cell death by apoptosis but did not affect the growth of normal cells, as shown by observation assay.

The efficacy of water-soluble black bean condensed tannins at 24 microM in suppressed the breast caner cells may be attributed to the phytochemical in reduced coagulation of remained blood in stimulated cancer cell migration and regulated the growth of breast tumor in formation of new blood vessels.

Furthermore, according to the National Taiwan University, fermentation product of soybean, black bean, and green bean mixture (BN999) showed a significant effect in inhibited the growth of human breast cancer AU565 cells in increased expression of multiple apoptotic regulators in induced apoptosis.

The fermentation product also exerted an impressive activity in induced apoptosis in various human cancer cells but not in normal human cells, Dr, Chia JS, the lead author insisted.

More importantly, Dr. Dong M, the lead researcher at the Cornell University, in the finding of major phytochemicals of black bean which may have a powerful effect in treatment of breast cancer suggested, that out of newly found flavonoids, only 6 (5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 19, 20) of them showed potent antioxidant and antiproliferative activities.against MCF-7 human breast cancer cells.

Taking together, there is no doubt that black bean may process a significant anti breast cancer property and can be considered as a function food for reduced risk and treatment of breast cancer.

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