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Herbal Therapy: Chamomile, The Best Whole Herb medicine for Anti-Allergic Effects

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"Let foods be your medicine and let medicines be your food", using foods as medication has been a dream of many scholars and scientists over past many centuries.  In order to achieve these, consumption of whole food medicine must accompany with moderated exercise, such as regular walking, change of diet and life style.

Chamomile, a most popular plant used in herbal medicine may consist a natural power in anti-allergic activity.
According to the Hanagal Shri Kumareshwar College of Pharmacy, in mast cell mediated allergy model, methanol extract from chamomile inhibited histamine release induced allergic activities.

Chamomile is also known as camomile, common name of many species daisy-like plants in the family Asteraceae, used in traditional medicine as antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory constituents and to treat menstrual cramps and sleep disorders, reduce cramping and spastic pain in the bowels, relieve excessive gas and bloating in the intestine, etc.

In the study of the biological activity of 20 essential oils (EOs) from herbal plants, chamomile not only inhibited significantly cancer cell growth but also and reduced cellular process of releases antimicrobial cytotoxic in mast cell which is the main cause of  over reaction of immune system in induction of allergic effects.

Furthermore, the herbal plant is also found to suppress an immunoglobulin E (IgE)-induced increased permeability of vessels cause of allergic and inflammatory effects through immune stimulatory effects in inhibited the proinflammatory cytokines and protein involved in systemic inflammation.

Dr. Kobayashi Y, the lead author said, " The single peroral administration of the ethyl acetate extract or essential oil of German chamomile (Matricaria recutita L.) showed remarkable antipruritic effects in the compound 48/80-induced itch-scratching test in ddY mice"
and "essential oil of German chamomile and antihistamines might be effective for the pruritus which could not be perfectly resolved alone by conventional antihistamines".

Although, herbal chamomile may have a potential for prevention and treatment of auto immune system induced allergic effects, the use of the herb should be taken with care to prevent overdoses.

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