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Alternative Therapy: Yoga Reduced Symptom and Improved Quality of Life of Endometrial Women

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Yoga therapy is associated to reduced chronic pelvic pain, menstrual patterns, and improved quality of life (QoL), a renowned study suggested.

Endometriosis is a condition of endometrial tissue formed outside the uterus and reacted to hormone signals of the monthly menstrual cycle, by building and breaking up tissues and eliminating them through menstrual period.

Yoga, the accident technique practice for harmonized external and internal body well being, through breath control, meditation, bodily movement and gesture..... has been well known for people in Western world and some parts in Asia due to health benefits reported by various respectable institutes' research and supported by health advocates.

In a randomized controlled trial conducted at the University of Campinas Medical School, Campinas, SP, Brazil with 40 women randomly divided into two groups: an intervention group of women who practiced yoga (n = 28) with 90-min scheduled yoga sessions twice a week for 8 weeks.and a control group of women who did not practice yoga (n = 12), Yoga participants showed a significant reduction of pelvic pain and improved quality of life.

Furthermore, Yoga group in the endometriosis Health Profile (EHP)-30 questionnaire also expressed the domains of pain, well-being, and image are improved over time in compared non yoga group.

More importantly, in the understanding of women perception of pain management involved with pain-associated endometriosis attribute to yoga practice, 15 Fifteen women with pain-associated endometriosis practiced yoga for 8 weeks, showed significant improved in control pelvic pain attributed to the integration of body and psyche yoga practice.

Yoga attendees also insisted that breathing techniques (pranayama) learned in yoga may also increase the ability in relieved pain.

There is no doubt that certain yoga postures can provide relief from the symptoms and increased quality of life for endometrial sufferers. It is recommended  that lessons can only be taken with proper supervision from an experienced yoga instructor or yoga therapist.

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