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Food Therapy: Celery, the Natural Whole Food for Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism?

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Whole food(herbal medicine) used as medical treatment,  linking health benefits in prevention, management and treatment of diseases has induced much interests in today renowned scientists.
But many researchers have raised question of herbal quality, because geographic differences, time of grown and harvest, etc. may effect their's potency. I do believe, these questions can only be answered by experience herbalists.

 Celery induced the decrease of thyroid hormone level may be used as a whole food medicine in balance thyroid hormone in patients with hyperthyroidism, a renowned institute study suggested.

According to a experimental study of 40 male rats divided into 5 groups of eight rats each, rats received celery leaf extract with doses of 50 and 100 mg/kg showed a serum levels of T3 (0.95±0.04 and 0.95±0.06, respectively) and T4 (5.42±0.85 and 5.87±0.89, respectively) hormones decreased in compared to control group.

Celery is a species of Apium graveolens, belonging to the family Apiaceae, cultivated all around the globe as a vegetable. Celery can grow to 1/2 m tall with stalks (leaf on the top) arranging in a conical shape joined at a common base.

Unfortunately, according to the joint research paper lead by Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences,  intake of celery may induce hyperthyroifdism, as a report indicated that a 48-year-old, with no history of any thyroid diseases, was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism due to daily consumption of 4 g of dried celery leaves for 45 days.

Dr. Rouhi-Boroujeni H, the lead author said, " Hyperthyroidism may be induced by consumption celery" and " Therefore, it can be assumed that celery induces hyperthyroidism as a side effect of this herb if it is used for a long term"

Furtherore, celery have showed to interacted with conventional medicine used to regulate thyroid hormone in patient with hypothyroidism. According to study, in a report of a 55-year-old woman showed no improve of hypothyroidism with daily dose of thyroxine 100 microgram after injecting celery seed tablets.

Due to conflict results, it is up to readers to consult with their herbalist, before consumption of large amount of celery seeds supplement daily in a long term for amelioration of hyperthyroid or hypothyroidism.

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