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Most Common Disease of 50plus: The Clinical trials and Studies of Musculo-Skeletal disorders(MSDs) - Fibromyalgia - Diseases(Comorbidity) & mortality associated to Fibromyalgia

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Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are  medical condition mostly caused by work related occupations and working environment, affecting patients’ muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves and developing over time. A community sample of 73 females and 32 males aged 85 and over underwent a standardised examination at home. Musculoskeletal pain was reported by 57% of those interviewed(1).

      Types of Musculo-Skeletal disorders in elder

1. Osteoarthritis
2. Gout
3. Rheumatoid Arthritis
4. Polymalagia Arthritis
5. Cervical myleopathy and spinal canal stenosis
6. Osteoporosis
7. Low back pain
8. Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia, according to the American College of Rheumatology 1990 Criteria for the Classification of Fibromyalgia in the newly proposed criteria for the classification of fibromyalgia are 1) widespread pain in combination with 2) tenderness at 11 or more of the 18 specific tender point sites(a) as a result in responding to pressure.

Diseases(Comorbidity) & mortality associated to Fibromyalgia

1. Infections
There is a association between FM and HIV and hepatitis C virus infections in patients with Fibromyalgia(51).
Dr. Adak B and colleagues at the University of Yüzüncü Yil insisted that there is a correlated relationship of chronic hepatitis B carriage and the risk of FM probably due to altered liver function, viral infection, concerns associated with chronic disease(52). Other infectious diseases including hepatitis C, Lyme disease, coxsackie B, HIV, and parvovirus infection, may also cause or trigger fibromyalgia(53).

2. Tumors
Patients with chronic generalized pain may have an increased risk of developing cancer, including patients with Fibromyalgia(51). According to the University of Pamo patients with  FM is found higher correlated to operated breast cancer patients than the report in normal populations in the literature(54). Others cancers may also be associated to FM include lymphatic and hematological cancers(55).

3. Cardiovascular disease
Patients with are at increased risk of early onset of cardiovascular disease(51). According to the joint study led by the China Medical University Hospital, fibromyalgia patients have an independent risk for CHD development(56)(57) and Fibromyalgia patients with concomitant comorbidities have markedly increased CHD risk relative to those with primary fibromyalgia(56).

4. Mortality
Risk of of accidental death and death from cancer is higher in patients with Fibromyalgia(51). In the study of a total of 8,186 fibromyalgia patients seen between 1974 and 2009 , mortality does not appear to be increased in patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but the risk of death from suicide and accidents was increased(58).
Dr. Dreyer L and colleagues at the Copenhagen University, Copenhagen University Hospital said, "The causes of a markedly increased rate of suicide among female patients with FM are at present unknown but may be related to increased rates of lifetime depression, anxiety, and psychiatric disorders. Risk factors for suicide should be sought at the time of the diagnosis of FM and at followup"(59).

5. Other related morbidities may include
5. 1. Psychological morbidity
Substantial lifetime psychiatric disorder in individuals with fibromyalgia(60).

5.2. Medical and unexplained disorders
Such as migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, major depression, and panic disorder are frequently associated to patients with Fibromyalgia(61)(62).

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