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(Preview) Most common diseases of 50 plus - Nutrients Requirements for age of 50 and Over

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         Diseases of Central Nervous system


About 5-8% of all people over the age of 65 have some form of dementia, and this number doubles every five years above that age. Dementia is the loss of mental ability, severe enough to interfere with people's every life and Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia in aging people.

III. Nutrients Requirements for age of 50 and Over For health and the normal functioning of the body, consuming foods and drinks, containing protein and a specific range of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is necessary to provide sources of energy (calories). Especially plant food phytochemicals with various groups of structure include 3000-4000 individual compounds with possession of a number of different properties(175).

 Daily intakes for micro nutrients recommended by the Department of Health DRVs (Dietary Reference Values)(176)A. Nutrient and                 Recommended daily intake for 50+ years 
1. Calcium (mg)                        700
2. Phosphorus (mg)                  550
3. Magnesium (mg)                   270
4. Sodium (mg)                       1600
5. Potassium (mg)                   3500
6. Chloride (mg)                     2500
7. Iron (mg)                               14.8
8. Zinc (mg)                                 9
9. Copper (mg)                            1.2
10. Selenium (μg)                      60
11. Iodine (μg)                         140
12. Vitamin A (μg)                   600
13. Thiamin (mg)                        0.8
14. Riboflavin (mg)                   1.1
15. Niacin (mg)                       12
16. Vitamin B6 (mg)                  1.2
17. Vitamin B12 (μg)                 1.5
18. Folate (μg)                      200
19. Vitamin C (mg)                 40
20. Vitamin D* (μg)                10

B. Estimated Average Requirements (EARs) for energy
Age (years), Estimated energy requirement for males (kcals per day), Estimated energy requirement for females (kcals per day)
51-59                      2550                                                                        1900
60-64                      2380                                                                        1900
65-74                      2330                                                                        1900
75+                        2100                                                                        1810

C. Proteins
Age (years)   Estimated protein requirement for males (kcals per day)   For females
51+                                            53.3                                                    46.5

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