Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Food Therapy: Banana and gastric ulcer

Kyle J. Norton
Banana Banana is the common name of a genus of tropical herbaceous plants. It can grow from 3 to 9 m and belongs to the family of the lily and the orchid.


1. Vitamin B6
2. Vitamin C
3. Fiber
4. Potassium
5. Magnesium
6. Iron7. Etc.

Chemical constituents
1. Sterols
2. 3-Methyl butyl butanoate ester
3. steryl esters
4. Diacylglycerols,
5. SAteryl glucosides,
6. Long chain fatty alcohols
7. Aromatic compounds
8. Linoleic acid
9. Linolenic acid
10. Oleic acids
11. Lectin
12. Fructooligosaccharides.
Gastric ulcer, a type of peptic ulcer is defined as a condition of a localized tissue erosion in the lining the stomach.
Extract of Musa sapientum fruit (MSE) exhibited  antidiabetic and better ulcer healing effects in diabetic rat and could be more effective in diabetes with concurrent gastric ulcer, according to the Banaras Hindu University(1). The study of Methanolic extract of Musa sapientum var. Paradisiaca (MSE, 100 mg/kg), showed to exert its ulcer protective through its predominant effect on mucosal glycoprotein, cell proliferation, free radicals and antioxidant systems(2). In Peptic ulcer disease (PUD), encompassing gastric and duodenal ulcers, active compound of Musa sapientum,  a monomeric flavonoid (leucocyanidin) showed to promote anti-ulcerogenic activity(3).

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(1) Healing effects of Musa sapientum var. paradisiaca in diabetic rats with co-occurring gastric ulcer: cytokines and growth factor by PCR amplification by Kumar M, Gautam MK, Singh A, Goel RK1.(PubMed)
(2) Effect of plantain banana on gastric ulceration in NIDDM rats: role of gastric mucosal glycoproteins, cell proliferation, antioxidants and free radicals by Mohan Kumar M1, Joshi MC, Prabha T, Dorababu M, Goel RK.(PubMed)
(3) Indigenous anti-ulcer activity of Musa sapientum on peptic ulcer. by Prabha P1, Karpagam T, Varalakshmi B, Packiavathy AS.(PubMed)

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