Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Fight Diabetes With Natural Remedies

Traditionally, diabetes is viewed as a failure of the pancreas to release
enough insulin for sugar metabolism. People with diabetes has grown
increasingly worse over last 10 years. The escalation in diabetes corresponds
to rise in heart disease, because of over weight, poor diet and lack of

Here is some of natural remedies would help you to lower your blood glucose
and also boost your pancreas producing more insulin if needed. Some of the
natural remedies would also help to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure
in check. Eating these remedies everyday is one smart, healthy way to cut
your risk of heart disease for diabetics.

1. Fenugreek :
Ground fenugreek seeds are a traditional ingredient in Indian curry, in curry
powders and pastes with a bitter-tasting legume. When people with mild type 2
diabetes took fenugreek, their blood sugar fell significantly. It is important
to note that healthy people saw no change. The Health Science Institution not
long ago, released a article of ' Diabetes Defeated with Fenugreek Formula '.

If you would like more information , you can go to their website at

2. Fu-Qua or Bitter Melon:
One of most wisely used natural remedies for diabetics, fu-qua seems to
lowers to lower blood glucose level. Generally, it is in many herbal formulas
and consider safe, fu-qua does have some drawback. Pregnant women and
children should check with your doctor before taking fu=qua supplements.

3. Cinnamon:
Cinnamon can help your fat cell recognize and response to insulin better. Add
cinnamon to your diets will help reducing your blood sugar and keep it in
check. A sprinkle might slow down this modern day plague.

4. Garlic:
Eating 4 cloves of garlic a day can cut total CHOLESTEROL by 70%(Fresh or
Supplement). The member of the allium family fights poor circulation. The
sulphur compound in garlic keep your platelets from clumping together. It
helps UNCLOG your Arteries but check with your Doctor if you are taking Blood
thinning medications. Cook with both Garlic and onion to fight high blood
pressure effectively. Try to take them everyday if you have high blood
pressure and Cholesterol.
(source from 'nature of super-foods ' by the same author)

Ginger helps to Balance Blood Sugar. Please note that hypoglycemia
people generally need to eat frequently, small meals to provide the body with
steady supply of food that easily and slowly converts to glucose.(source from
'nature of super-foods ' by the same author)

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