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Encephalitis - Treatments In Traditional Chinese medicine perspective

Encephalitis is defined as a condition of irritation and swelling (inflammation) of the brain, as a result of virus, bacteria and others invasion.
C. In Chinese medicine perspective(86)
Traditional Chinese medicine defined Encephalitis as a condition of  acute febrile disease as pathogenic warm factor entering the body, or invasion of the heat into the pericardium, or disturbance of the heart by phlegmatic fire or the inward invasion of the weak wind.
C.1. Encephalitis as Pathogenic warm factor entering the body
1. Symptoms are not limit to
Fever, headache, perspiration, chilly sensation, pain of the throat, thirst, stiffness of the neck, mental confusion, delirium, convulsions, thin white or slight yellowish coating of the tongue and rapid pulsem etc.

2. The formula  Bai Hu Tang Jia Jian. The aim is to purify the Qi with pungent-cold drugs and to detoxify the body. Ingredients include
      Gypsum 60g,
      Root of Zhejiang figwort 30,
     Tuber of dwarf lilyturf 30g
     Fresh or dried rehmannia 30g
     Rhizome of wind-weed 12g
     Honeysuckle flower 30g
     Weeping forsythia (fruit) 30g
     Common red rhizome 30g
     Dryers woad root  30g
     Dryers woad leaf 30g
     Cicada slough  20g
     Larva of a silkworm with batrytis  10g
     Licorice root  6g

C.2. Encephalitis as invasion of the heat into the pericardium
1. Symptoms are nor limit to
Fever, headache, mental confusion, stupor, delirium, tremors, yellow coating of the tongue with dark red colour, and full pulse, etc.
2.  The fomula Qing Ying Tang Jia Jian. The aim is to to purge the pathogenic fire and calm the wind with Qing Ying Tang Jia Jian. In gredients include
     Gypsum 60g
     Rhizome of wind-weed 12g
     Fresh or dried rehmannia 20g
     Root of Zhejiang figwort 30g
     Root-bark of peony 15g
     Dyers woad root  30g
     Dyers woad leaf 30g
     Rhubarb  10g
     Jack-in-the-pulpit 12g
     Tabasheer 12g
     Earthworm 15g
     Scorpion  15 pieces
     Centipede 1 or 2 pieces
      Buffalo horn  30g
C. 3. Encephalitis as disturbance of the heart by phlegmatic fire.
1. Symptoms are not limit to
Mental confusion, delirium, mania and excitability, or spitting sputum and saliva, red tongue with yellowish and glossy coating, slippery and rapid pulse, etc.
2. The formula Dao Tan Tang Jia Jian. The aim is to reduce phlegm for resuscitation. Ingredients include
      Dried old orange peel  12g
      Pinellia  12g
      Tuckahoe  10g
      Licorice root 6g
      Jack-in-the-pulpit 12g
      Fruit of immature citron or trifoliate orange  12g
      Tabasheer 12g
      Grass-leaved sweetflag  12g
      Root-tuber of aromatic turmeric  12g
      Bamboo shavings  12g
      Musk  0.06g
      Bamboo juice 3 or 4 spoonful

D.  Encephalitis as the inward invasion of the weak wind.
1. Symptoms are not limit to
Dizziness, convulsions or tremor, flushed face, hot palms and soles, dysphoria, restlessness, insomnia, dry throat and mouth, dark red tongue with reduced saliva, weak and rapid pulse.

2. The formula Da Ding Feng Zu Tang Jia Jian. The aim is  to calm the "wind" through nourishing the Yin. Ingredients include
     Root of herbaceous  30g
     Donkey-hide gelatin  12g
     Tortoise plastron 20g
     Dried rehmannia 20g
     Fructus cannabis 20g
     Fruit of Chinese magnaliavine 20g
     Tuber of dwarf lilyturf 30g
     Oyster 30g
     Turtle-shell 30g
     Radix glycyrrhizae 6g
     Egg core 6g
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