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Shingles Treatments In the Traditional Chinese medicine perspective

Shingles also known as herpes zoster or zona is defined as a viral disease with condition of a painful, blistering skin rash on one side of the body of  that can continue to be painful even after the rash have long disappeared(1), as a result of varicella-zoster viral causes of a nerve and skin inflammation.
C. In Traditional Chinese perspective (55)
C.1. Herbal treatment
Depending to the differentiation, some traditional Chinese medicine practitioner define shingles as  a result of Stagnated Heat in the Liver meridian bright red with distended pain, Damp/Heat in Spleen meridian and Chronic Blood Stasis
C.1. 1. Stagnated Heat in the Liver meridian bright red with distended pain with treatments of Herbal Formula: Huang Lian Jie Du Tang + Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang
1. Huang Lian Jie Du Tang (clear heat and damp-heat in all three burners), ingredients include
a. Huang Lian (coptis, Coptidis Rhizoma), 9g
b. Huang Qin (scutellaria, Scutellariae Radix) 6g
c.  Huang Bai (phellodendron, Phellodendri Cortex) 6g
d. Zhi Zi (gardenia, Gardeniae Fructus) 9 g

2.  Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang (clears Heat/Fire toxin, cools blood, nourish Yin, moves Blood Stasis, stops bleeding)
a. Xi Jiao (cornu rhinoceri) 3g
b. Sheng Di Huang (radix rehmanniae glutinosae) 24g
c. Shao Yao (radix paeoniae) 9g
d. Mu Dan Pi (cortex moutan radicis) 6g
C.1.2. Damp/Heat in Spleen meridian with Herbal Formula Chu Shi Wei Ling Tang
1. Functions
Eliminate Dampness by Combining Calm the Stomach and Five
2. Ingredients
a Fang Feng (saposhnikovia root) 3g
b.  Zhi Zi (cape jasmine fruit)  3g
c. Zhu Ling (polyporus) 3g
d. Hua Shi  (talcum) 3g
e. Mu Tong  (akebia caulis) 3g
f. Deng Xin Cao (juncus pith 3g
g. Ze Xie (water plantain) 3g
h. Hou Po (magnolia bar 3g
i. Cang Zhu (atractylodes rhizome) 3g
j. Chen Pi (tangerine peel) 3g
k. Decoction Rou Gui (cinnamon bark) 0.9g

C.1. 3. Chronic Blood Stasis (Last stage of shingles)with Herbal Formula Tao Hong Si Wu Tang
1. functions
Blood deficiency with mild Blood stagnation in the lower jiao, Tonifies and regulates qi and blood, gently moves stagnant blood and warms the uterus.
2. Ingredients
a. Chuan Xiong (Sichuan lovage root) 3g
b. Tao Ren (peach kernel) 6g
c. Hong Hua (safflower flower) 3g
d. Shu Di Huang (cooked rehmannia root) 6g
e. Dang Gui (Chinese angelica root) 6g
f. Bai Shao  (white peony root) 6g

C.2. Cupping theory
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) cupping therapy has been applied as a formal modality in hospitals throughout China and elsewhere in the world, Dr. Cao H, and the research team at University of Western Sydney indicated that numerous RCTs on cupping therapy have been conducted and published during the past decades showed that cupping has potential effect in the treatment of herpes zoster and other specific conditions. However, further rigorously designed trials on its use for other conditions are warranted.(56).
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