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Herbal Therapy: Cat's claw, The Whole Herb Medicine for Improving Immune Activities

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Whole food(herbal medicine), linking health benefits in prevention, management and treatment of diseases has placed an important role in human history over many centuries. The finding of whole food medication by renowned scientists all over world to replace the single ingredient of Western medicine with little or no side effect has been difficult due to no commercial benefit and patent right to producers.

In breast cancer patients, Uncaria tomentosa exhibited its bioactive immunomodulators effects in regulating the immune system against irregular cell growth and inflammation.

Immunomodulatory compounds exerted the above properties found in cat's claw include ajoene, arctigenin, β-carotene, curcumin, epigallocatechin-3-gallate, ginsan, glabridin and quinic acid, according to Dr. Baraya YS, the lead researcher.

A herbal immunomodulators review, in vitro and in vivo, also suggested, cats claw expressed the regulation of informational molecules such as cytokines through alternation of immune function. Therefore, the medical plant may be a potential therapeutic modality for the treatment of many differing conditions involving cytokine, including inflammation and auto immune diseases.

Cat's claw found in the tropical jungles of South and Central America, is a genus Uncaria, belonging to the family Rubiaceae, used in traditional medicine over two thousand years as a tonic, contraceptive, anti-inflammatory and infectious agent, and to treat diarrhea, rheumatic disorders, acne, diabetes, cancer and diseases of the urinary tract, etc..

Auto immune diseases are the disorder caused by immune system attacks the body healthy cells.
Cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa) may be the next medical plant used for treatment of auto immune diseases through its stimulated immune effects.

Severe dengue is a disease associated to the changes in the endothelial barrier function due to the production of inflammatory mediators by immune cells, U. tomentosa exerted antiviral and immunomodulatory activities in inhibition of antigen and proinflammatory cytokine.

In fact, the significant effect in immunomodulation may introduce Cat's claw, as a promising candidate for clinical application.
The use of this herbal plant should be taken with care as toxicity has been found in some cases of overdoses.

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