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Food Therapy: Celery, the Natural Whole Food in Suppressed Symptoms of Arthritis Diseases

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Whole food(herbal medicine) used as medical treatment,  linking health benefits in prevention, management and treatment of diseases has induced much interests in today renowned scientists.
But many researchers have raised question of herbal quality, because geographic differences, time of grown and harvest, etc. may effect their's potency. I do believe, these questions can only be answered by experience herbalists.

Celery may be used as natural food therapy in reduced symptoms of acute and chronic painful or inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis.
According to recent study, Celery Seed Extract (CSE) has been found to be more effective in comparison to aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen in suppressing arthritis symptoms in a model of polyarthritis without interaction with compared medication intake.
Dr. Powanda MC, the lead researcher said, " unlike many dietary supplements, the available data suggest that CSE does not significantly affect the p450 enzyme systems( function in interaction with medication intake) and thus is less likely to alter the metabolism of drugs the individual may be taking"

Celery is a species of Apium graveolens, belonging to the family Apiaceae, cultivated all around the globe as a vegetable. Celery can grow to 1/2 m tall with stalks (leaf on the top) arranging in a conical shape joined at a common base.

The over the counter (OTC) oral remedies for arthritis and rheumatism classified celery seed extracts has a effective efficacy as ibuprofen in the anti-arthritic assay without causing gastric bleeding, but the treatment ranged is from almost zero to highly effective depending to a certain class of product.

In support of the above differentiation, A. graveolens (AGE) against liver oxidative stress in an adjuvant-induced arthritic rat model study found that oral administration of AGE (250, 500, and 1,000 mg/kg) for 24 consecutive days in the rat model, reduced symptoms of arthritis through reduced liver oxidative stress and enhanced liver antioxidant properties.

Taking altogether, intake of celery may be effective in ameliorated symptoms of arthritis through binding to the expression of proinflammation cytokins. But oral administrated large amount of celery supplements such as celery seed should be consulted with related field specialist.

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