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Food Therapy: Garlic - The Whole Food Medicine for Antiplatelet Aggregation

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Whole food(herbal medicine), linking health benefits in prevention, management and treatment of diseases has placed an important role in human history over many centuries. The finding of whole food medication by renowned scientists all over world to replace the single ingredient of Western medicine with little or no side effect has been difficult due to no commercial benefit and pattern right to producers.

Garlic (Allium sativum) is a species in the onion genus, belonging to family Amaryllidaceae, native to central Asia. It has been used popularly in traditional and Chinese medicine in treating common cold and flu to the Plague, blood pressure cholesterol levels, natural antibiotic, etc.

Several sulfur-containing compounds, isolated from garlic may be very effective in inhibition of platelet aggregation, recent study suggested.

Antiplatelet activity is the effect in decreased platelet aggregation and inhibited thrombus formation.

According to the Ochanomizu University, sulfur-containing compounds in garlic not only inhibited arachidonic acid metabolism but also suppressed aggregation in association with the function of the platelet plasma membrane.

In vitro, garlic mechanisms of action may be comparable to that of the clinically used drug clopidogrel, as the herb exerts antiaggregatory effects. Garlic extracts are acting by inhibition of the ADP pathway, an important physiological agonist of normal hemostasis and thrombosis.

Dr. MacDonald JA lead of researcher said, " The ability of an aromatic disulfide to inhibit platelet aggregation can be enhanced by appending an electron-withdrawing group to the aromatic ring. The results presented establish that the aromatic thiosulfonate is a very effective inhibitor of platelet aggregation"

Beside the sulfur compound, Ajoene, (E,Z)-4,5,9-trithiadodeca-1,6,11-triene 9-oxide, isolated from alcoholic extracts of garlic reversibly inhibited platelet aggregation through platelet deposition on severely damaged vessel wall but not affected platelet adhesion.

In fact, in the comparsion of the effect of the Garlic Pill with Plavix on Platelet Aggregation and Bleeding Time, groups treated with 1200 or 2400 mg garlic inhibited platelet aggregation substantially, through increased time of bleeding.

The use of garlic supplement should be taken with care for patients who are taking Anticoagulant as garlic may increase risk of bleeding. Also, patients with ulcer should consult with their doctors.

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