Thursday, 21 November 2013

Women and Anemia

It is hard to believe that America, a country with one of the highest standards of living in the world having over 20 million people with the disease of anemia caused by unhealthy diet, and nutritional deficiency, with protein and fat intake 30% higher than any other country in the world. Most people understand that anemia is caused by iron deficiency in the bloodstream. In fact, anemia is characterized by deficiency in the hemoglobin of the red blood cells diminishing the ability of the blood to transport oxygen to our cells and to remove carbon dioxide. Menstruation is a natural process for female organs for human reproduction due to chemical reaction in the woman's purity gland. Aside from its biological purpose, this bleeding serves as a sign that a woman has not become pregnant.
The normal menstrual flow starts at a moderate level, increases somewhat, and then slowly tapers. The typical women bleeds for two to seven days at the beginning of each menstrual cycle. The bleeding causes the loss of blood, it is for the woman's own health to intake foods or supplements that help to restore the balance of red cells reproduction, otherwise many women may experience nutritional deficiency anemia later on. According to Chinese herbalist, menstruation is the result of the rises and falls of blood in cyclical fashion and the needs for recuperation of the loss blood can not be ignored.
Woman with genetic anemia having abnormal red blood cell structure (red blood cells small in size and breaks down faster compared to normal red blood cells) must also be careful during the menstruation because besides normal bleeding the breaking down of abnormal red blood cells usually causes heavy flow in the period resulting in less production of red blood cells to replace the broken down one. If left untreated
, it can lead to an even greater deficiency of iron and other illness.

Anemia may also be resulted from an incorrect approach to pregnancy. According to Chinese herbalists, after giving birth to a child or in result of miscarriage or abortion women must rest for a month regardless of other responsibilities because the heavy blood loss weakens all organs and cells in the body. Without giving the body, to recuperate themselves it will result in long term illness later on or anemia.

Elderly woman usually do not produce enough stomach acids that is needed to absorb iron. Besides intake of hydrochloric acid, it is for their own health to eat fruits that are high in vitamin C for increase of the absorption of iron.

Folic acid is vital to prevent birth defects. Therefore for women with anemia, it is wise to have their blood checked regularly and to make sure to eat more raw vegetables for better absorption of folic acid. Remember, folic acid is very easily lost in heat.

Excessive drinking should not be done during pregnancy. It will drain the folic acid from your body causing folic acid deficiency anemia, which causes birth defects.

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