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Twitter advertising Networks - Make Money with your Twitter Account

If you already have a twitter account, making some money is not hard

As the social media networks have become more popular, many people not only have an account with facebook, but at least one account with twitter with an aim to keep in touch with friends or any favorite news update. Due to the economic downturn, advertisers have stopped placing ad in many of the Twitter Advertising Network, and many twitter accounts have not got ads for many months. It is frustrate for many, but when the economy gets better, they will return. It is important that all twitters' account holders to prepare for it by gathering as many referrals as possible before it happens.

The below are twitter adverting network that you can register and receive compensation if you refer some others' twitters' account holders to them. Of course, you can only get pay if your referrals get pay.

There are 4 ways as I know that you can make money on twitter. I will try to differentiate them, so you will know which one is best for you. All of them are clarified as an ads, not your own tweets
1. Pay per lead
This type of advertisement put pressure on the twitter account holders, you will only get pay if someone is found to be potential customers. You don't get pay per click. The problem is that you don't know how many people will become potential customers, and even they are, you have no way to know, but on the mercy of the advertisers. I truly avoid this.

2. Pay per sale
You only get pay when the advertiser makes a sell, otherwise, you don't get pay. This type of advertisement also put pressure on the twitters account holder. After the the ad is placed, Can you trace the numbers of sale? No way. You are on the mercy of the honest advertisers.

3. Pay per click
You get pay when someone clicks on the tweet. Unfortunately, there are some controversies. Most of the ads placed on my twitter account received 1-2 clicks (I get pay 56 cents for 1 tweet), but when I tweet with my own ad, it was clicked over 80 - 100 times. We, as twitter account holders do not know how the clicks are tracked and types of clicks that counted. I don't like to get pay less than a dollars for each ad, I rather leave the account clear). This type of advertisement puts pressure on twitter account holder, depending to click counting of the twitter advertising network.

4. Pay per tweet
I love this one. I prefer if someone wants to make money by placing ad on the any twitter account, they should first do some researches. If they guess it wrong, they should be paying the price, if they get it right they can make all the money and only pay us the price for each tweet.

In this world, I don't know why someone invents the types of advertisement put pressure on the customers while the advertisers get all the free ride. Does there exist someone is so kind to let people make money on them and only get pay when someone gets a big junk out of it without any risk.

Here are some of twitter advertising networks, you may be interest to know
1. Be a maggie
Be a maggie is a Twitter Advertising Network, they offer all four types of advertisement above. I registered with them sometimes ago, but my account was suspended for what ever reason, I guess that I have tried some ads of with Over the time with them, I only see them offering pay per lead and per sale. I have not made any money from them. They also offer referrals service. Here is the link

2. Twittads
Twittads is also an Twitter Advertising Network, it offers types of ad; pay per tweet and pay per click (I guess), because since one of my friend registered with them, she has not made any money on them, because there isn't any ad that offers to her account.
Here is her link

Another twitter advertising network, they offer only pay per tweet to any twitter account holder. Since I registered with them, I made over 100 dollars, but I still not get pay yet, because all non US citizen will have to fill out the W8-BEN Form. As of August, 2010, the referral program has been closed.
Here is the link

4. Adcause
Just like others, adcause requires you to create a ads spot with Description, Duration Frequency, Price. If advertisers like it, they will offer you with the price to place ads on your twitter account. One of my friend has registered with them for over 6 months but she is still not getting any offer. I do not know how you get pay. I don't see any referral button on them.

5. Pay4tweet
One the network offers you to price your own pay per tweet ads which will appear in your twitter account, and advertisers pay directly to your Paypal account even you are not US citizen. Since I registered with them, I have made over 100 dollars, but 2 of the payments were bounded as Paypal took them off.

6. Sponsored tweet
They offer 2 types of ads. pay per click and pay per tweet. Even with the economic downturn, I still have made quite a bit money from them. You can get pay even with the balance of less than $50, if you are willing to accept a charge of $2.50. All pays are direct to your Paypal account.
Here is my referral link

7. Mylikes
They only offer pay per click that is clicked in US. I have used them often when I first have a twitter account, but stopped using now them because most of the ads have only one to 2 clicks. I don't want to sell a tweet for less then $1.00. You can register with them, if you like

8. Fiverr
The place for people to share things they're willing to do for $5. I have not tried this one yet, but you can offer to tweet someone ad for $5.

9. Etc.
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