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13 Weeks to Grade A in Math from Scratch for High School Students

Our brain has adapted well for the constant and instant information inputs over thousand of years, by developing an amazing analysis skill which can not be compared by any mammal.
Proof: In some cultures, learning is the process of memorization without given any explanation by the teacher, but such cultures had produced many of the greatest master pieces in the world of literature.
Mathematics is the study with the use of abstraction and logical reasoning, evolved from counting, calculation, measurement, etc. to establish the truth from appropriately chosen axioms and definitions. Without definition and axiom, mathematics can not exist.
With the acceptance of the definition arises many theorems which are the short cuts for exercises doing without going back to definition. In short, you can use the definition to prove theorems as well as exercises.
All mathematical questions are based on given hypothesis arised from the definition, then to prove a certain results.
If you completely understand the definition as it is, then there will be no reason that you are not good in Math.
One of my good friend who is a math professor in the university told me once '
"Mathematics is a most lazy subject of human world if you can utilize your logical and analytic skill".
One more thing that you should know is our brain differentiated better in pictures than words. If you can't get the question, try to put it in pictures, you will find how easily the question is exposed and solved.

Let me get into the answer, How to do math well in high school. The article will be written under formation of a math question.
Given There is a student not good in math but wants to do well.
Given a parent or parents will provide all supportive during the 13 weeks of hard work.
Assuming that the hypothesis is true, prove that the student will have an average of at least 80%
in math this school year and onward.
The requirement for the success is 2 hours a day, working on math problems for a duration of 13 weeks
1. Once again, if you still want to be good in math, if your answer is yes, keep reading, if not, you can stop now. I don't want to waste your time.

2. How to start
Can you solve the math problem,
a. If you can, the keep doing for exercises. My recommendation is to solve all the problems first(not the applications), after you have masterminded them, then try the applications
Applications are harder, because they require an experienced analytic skill, you should try to put them into a picture, list everything is given, if you can, try the next. If not, read it again. if you still can not solve it after few attempts, Stop and think............
if you can not get it, ask your teacher to solve it and remember what you didn't get. Believe me, you will learn your way to mathematics keywords. Do the same problem yourself and next and next.....

b. If you can not, there are few ways you can do it
b.1. If your parents can, ask them to solve a few questions in the subject
b.2. If you parents can not, ask your good friend and schoolmate at school
b.3. If no one help, ask your math teacher to solve a few questions
Can you solve other similar problems now, if you are, the follow the step (a).
If you still can not, then try to solve the same problems just solved by others (b). Can you do it now. If yes, do it a few more times with the same problems until you understand why they are done the way they are, then proceed with (a)
If not, restart with (b), this time ask questions in any step which you have hard time to understand, then redoing the same problems just solved again with reasoning. I believe, with all the hard works, now you have no problem to follow the step (a)
This step is one of most difficult task in 13 weeks duration. Some of my students require 3 -4 weeks to achieve.
For parents, your child needs your support and encourages in this stage, please provide them with a quiet environment and ready to help manner. It is easier said than done, many students feel tons of pressure and are ready to quit. It is up to the parents to encourage them to stay on course. Remember, after 13 weeks, you are A student in math.

3. Now you have entered the easier stage. Most students after 3-4 weeks intensively working, now start to do the problem solving themselves and occasional helps with application. Keep working on it. At this stage, you get at least 70% in any math test.

4. This is the 8th weeks of the 13, most students now have masterminded the problem solvings and applications. At this stage, you get at least 80+% in math test.

The progress is so fast, in eight weeks you have improved your marks by over 100%, that your math teacher will put a careful eye on you to make sure that you are not cheating in the test.

5. At this stage, your parents may surprise that math is the subject that you try to do first in home study. It is human nature that we all want to do the easiest thing first.

6. You are approaching the 13th weeks now, You are recommended to read the definitions which you have skipped. If you don't understand it, read it again and again....
Well, in fact you can understand them without problem.

7. 13 weeks of intensive studying are almost over, you now can do math just like other courses.
Math now is considerable a very easy subject as you have build up yourself an analytic and logical skill without even noticing.

For high school students and non math major college students, it is more than enough to make a grade A in Math, but for math major college students, success is based on how you can utilize the definitions and Axioms to prove the theorems and applications.

Good luck to your journey

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