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Precocious Puberty Preventions and Treatment in Conventional & Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

Precocious Puberty
I. Precocious Puberty refers to the sexual and physical characteristics mature occurring at an unusually early age such as before age 7 or 8 in girls and age 9 for boys.

Understand the process of puberty
The process of puberty begins with production of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (Gn-RH) from the brain, which in turn stimulates the pituitary gland to produce the luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). These two hormones again stimulates the ovaries in girls and testicles in boys to produce estrogen and testosterone responsible for the growth and development of girl and male sexual characteristics respectfully.
1. Avoid using or contacting environment and men made chemical
2. detoxification
3. Eating less meats, cheese , butter, milk, even organic one
4. Say no to refined sugar
5. Moderate exercise
6. Sleep with light out
7. Handle stress
8. Quit smoking
9. Eating healthy (Types pf super foods classification)
10. Reduce intake of saturated and trans fat
11. Maintain ideal weight
12. Etc.

E. Treatments
E.1. Conventional treatments
Unfortunately, there is no medicine approved by the FDA for treating precocious puberty. Medine given depending to the experiences of the pediatrician.
1. LHRH agonist
a. LHRH agonist inhibits the Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone to block the secondary sexual characteristic and slow down skeletal maturation.
b. Side effects
b.1. mild swelling or at least tenderness breast
b.2. sweating,
b.3. Mood swing
b.4. Headaches,
b.5. Nausea and vomiting,
b.6. Etc.
2. GnRH agonists
a. GnRH agonists inhibit the GnRH hormone released by the by the hypothalamus, thus blocking the pituitary to release Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) to reverse the onset of precocious puberty in young girl
GnRH agonists are given by injection every 3 or 4 weeks or as an implant placed just under the skin of your child's inner arm every 12 months
b. Side effects
b.1. Mood changes,
b.2. Acne,
b.3. An increase in breast size, and
b.4. Menses
b.5. Etc.

3. Medroxyprogesterone
a. Medroxyprogesterone controls breast development and menstruation without accelerate the skeletal maturation, thus stoping or reversing the sexual development
b. Side effects
b.1. Acne
b. 2. Changes in menstrual flow
b. 3. Spotting, or missed periods
b.4. Dizziness
b.5. Drowsiness
b.6. Nervousness
b.7. Etc

4. Etc.

E.2. Traditional Chinese medicine

In an article of QIAO YONG-XIAN’S TREATMENT OF PRECOCIOUS PUBERTY IN A YOUNG GIRL by by Bob Flaws, the author confirmed The above medicinals were chosen in order to transform phlegm and disperse swelling, scatter nodulation and soften the hard. After 21 ji, the breasts were smaller and the breast kernels also disappeared. After continued observation and regulating treatment with this formula, complete success was achieved. toy can view the article from this link
Remember in the article case, the girl is diagnosed with liver depression with phlegm congelation, and kidney yin insufficiency and it is unique to this case. In traditional Chinese medicine, there is no one formula for all even with same disease.

E.3. Etc.
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