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Menstrual Disorders - Dysmenorrhea - Causes Of Damp Wind Pattern in TCM Perspective

All women are experience menstrual disorders sometimes during their child bearing years, before menopause. While Western medication has never viewed that menstrual disorder is a problem of women reproductive system, traditional Chinese medicine looks at this problem seriously, if untreated, it will dis harmonize the women ecosystem, leading to nervous tension and other health problems, including infertility.

While dampness is a accumulation of excessive fluid in the body and wind is considered as abnormal function of lung in regulating the movement of qi.
1. Yang deficiency
Yang is important to balance the level of yin in the body, deficiency of yang causes the yin out of control, leading to excessive fluid accumulated in the body. Since it has the tendency to move down to the abdominal region, that increases the risk of dampness. If the lung is also no longer function in moving smoothing in the channels, it causes rebellion qi. Together, they attack the lower body including the abdomen and joint tissues.

2. Blockage of meridian
Blockage of meridian causes qi stagnation, in severe case, it causes the qi to move back ward, leading to wind. If there is accumulation of dampness in the body, it causes damp wind that seriously damage the lower part of body.

3. Aging
When we age, the yang qi slowly depletes and dampness slowly increases that is the reason why we, the aging population experience more arthritis than the younger population.

4. Post pregnancy
After the body was born, if a women engage in any physical activity, such as running, go out without proper clothing, walking alot, etc. it may cause the wind to accumulate dampess wind in the body and it will strike when the time is right, leading to abdominal spam cramps and pain, joint pain, etc.

5. Weather effects
Go out in cold weather when your hair is wet, eating cold foods when the weather is cold may cause wind accumulated and hidden in your body, leading to dampness cold. When the time is right, it will strike relentlessly, leading to all kind of wind related pain.
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