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Menstrual Disorders -Amenorrhea - Symptoms, Causes and Treatments Of Bilateral Kidney Yin & Yang Deficiency In TCM Perspective

All women are experience irregular period sometimes during their child bearing years, before menopause. While Western medication has never viewed that irregular menstruation is a problem of women reproductive system, traditional Chinese medicine looks at this problem seriously, if untreated, it will disharmonize the women ecosystem, leading to nervous tension and other health problems, including infertility. Imbalance of liver is defined is a health condition of which liver is no longer function normally in moving blood in the blood vessels and govern smooth flow of the emotion and stress due to the affect of excessive anger or unexpressed anger, leading to liver being damaged that affects the regular menstruation and fertility.
Amenorrhea is defined as a health condition of absence of period
1. Primary amenorrhea
Women who are at age 18, but for what ever reason have never menstruated or
2. Secondary amenorrhea is defined as period beginning at the appropriate age, but later stops for more than 3 cycles.
Since kidneys store the essence and govern reproductive organs, bilateral kidney yin and yang deficiency is defined as a health condition of kidney deficiency with either domination of deficiency yang or yin as kidney fails to generate fluid and move fluid a long the kidney channels due to depletion of kidney essence.

I. Symptoms
Symptoms can be either yang or yin deficiency
1. Dizziness; ringing in the ears; weak, sore, or
2. painful lower back and knees;
3. cold fingers and toes and/or burning sensations in palms and soles;
4. night sweats or spontaneous sweating.
5. Tongue can be either red, with little or no coating, or with a pale body and white coating
6. Pulse can be either fine and rapid, or deep, slow, and weak.
7. Etc.

II. Causes
1. Aging
Aging is always accompanied with the depletion of kidney essence. Some people age faster than other, if they don't look after their kidneys by supplementing with antiaging (healthy diet) diet. The depletion causes both deficiency of both yin and yang of the body including the kidney organs govern the the growth of the body.

2. Premature ovarian failure
Some women suffer from the POC's due to deficiency of kidney yin in stimulating the production of follicle due to early deplteion of kidney essence. Although we can not nourish the kidney essence, we help to restore the heaven qi.

3. Frequent sexual activity
We lost a little kidney essence, every time we engage in masturbation or sexual activity according to TCM, thus frequently sexual activity depletes the kidney faster leading to yin and yang deficiency resulting in amenorrhea.

4. Kidney failure or damage
Kidney failure or damage are the prime reason of bilaterial kidney ying and yang deficiency.

5. Etc.
III. Treatments
Depending to differentiation and domination, most herbs, acupuncture and diets used to treat bilateral are either toniying kidney yin and essence or yang and essence.
A. With Herbs
1. Shu di huang (Cooked rehmannia)
Beside enhancing the liver in blood formation, shu di huang has been used in traditional Chinese medicine in tonifying kidney yin and essence.

2. Qou qi zi (Chinese wolfberry)
The neutral herb is considered as one of super food by alternative medicine, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine in tonifying kidney essence, nourishing the liver and kidney by smoothing the kidney and liver channels.

3. Nu zhen zi (Ligustrum)
By smoothing the kidney and liver channels, nu zheb zi enhances the liver and kidney yin and clear heat if you are diagnosis with subdominate yin causes of amenorrhea.

4. Tu si zi (Cuscuta)
Tu si zi besides enhances the function of kidney and liver by smoothing the qi flow in the kidney and liver channels, it also strengthen yin and secured kidney essence by improving function of spleen in food absorption.

5. Wu wei zi (Schizandra)
Beside help to improve the function of lung qi movement, wu wei zi also tonifies tonify kidney, and binds its essence.

6. Etc.

B.With acupuncture
Depending to differentiation
B.A.. Kidney essence and yang deficiency
Suggested acupuncture point
1. UB23 (Shen shu)
2. GV4 (Ming men)
3. CV4(Guan yang)
4. CV6 (Qi hai)
5. KD3 (Tai xi)
6. KD7 (Fu liu)
7. UB52 (Zhi shi)
8. KD6 (Zhao hai)
9. CV4 (Guan yuan)
10. GV20 (Bai hui)
11. GV39 (Jue gu)
12. UB11 (Da zhu)
13. Etc.

B.B. Kidney essence and yin deficiency
Suggested acupuncture points:
1. BL15 (Xin shu)
2. BL18 (Gan shu)
3. BL23 (Shen shu)
4. HT7 (Shen men)
5. LI3 (Tai chong) and
6. SP6 (San yin jiao)
7. KD3 (Tai xi)
8. KD6 (Zhao hai)
9. CV4 (Guan yuan)
10. GV4 (Ming men)
11. GV20 (Bai hui)
12. GV39 (Jue gu)
13. UB11 (Da zhu)
14. Etc.

9. Etc.

C. With Foods
C.A. Kidney essence and yang deficiency
1. Sprouts
2. Mungbeans
3. Radish
4. Shelled sunflower
5. Soybean;
6. Whole sunflower
7. Whole grains
8. Leafy green vegetables
9. Fresh-made juice
10. Sea weeds
11. Radish
12. Squash
13. Turnip
14. Cherry,
15. Lychi
16. Peach
17. Strawberry
18. Pistachio nuts
19. Lobster,
20. Mussel
21. Trout
22. Chicken
23. Lamb
24. Basil
25. Black pepper
27. Cinnamon bark
28. Garlic,
29. Ginger
30. Onion
31. Etc.

C.B. Kidney essence and yin deficiency
1. Sprouts
2. Mungbeans
3. Radish
4. Shelled sunflower
5. Soybean;
6. Whole sunflower
7. Whole grains
8. Leafy green vegetables
9. Fresh-made juice
10. Sea weeds
11. Kelp
12. Potato
13. Tomato
14. Yam
15. Avocado
16. Lemon
17. Pear
18. Pineapple
19. Watermelon
20. Black beans
21. Coconut milk
22. All Fishes
23. Fresh water clam, and crab
24. Oyster
25. Beef
26. Pork
27. Pork kidney
28. Chicken egg
29. Honey
30. Etc. Pregnancy Miracle
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