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Menstrual Disorders -Amenorrhea - Symptoms, Causes and Treatments Of Kidney Jing (Essnece) Deficiency In TCM Perspective

Amenorrhea is defined as a health condition of absence of period
1. Primary amenrrohea
Women who are at age 18, but for what ever reason have never menstruated or
2. Secondary amenorrhea is defined as period beginning at the appropriate age, but later stops for more than 3 cycles.
Kidney jing (essence) jing can be divided in to prenatal and postnatal jing. Aging is the natural process due to depletion of kidney jing, we can not change the prenatal jing, but we can supplement the prenatal jing by taking healthy foods and herbs that help to delay the depletion of jing causes of aging and diseases.

I. Symptoms
1. Dizziness
2. Weak or sore lower back
3. Amenorrhea
4. Infertility
5. Loss of memory
6. Hair loss
7. Dull facial expressions
8. Early aging
9. Etc.

II. Causes
1. Aging
As we age, so as our kidney. The depletion of kidney essence decrease slowly with aging, leading to menopause in women, but for women in their child bearing age, it may cause absence of period.

2. Frequent sexual activity
Since kidneys are organs governed the reproductive system, every time you engage in sexual activity, you deplete you kidney essence. If it can not be replaced by kidney heaven qi tonifying herb, it causes kidney essence deficiency.

3. Unhealthy diet
Unhealthy diet and consuming cold, raw food cause, greasy and hot foods for a prolonged period of time cause the inability of spleen in food absorption and faster than normal depletion of kidney essence. leading to early aging and menopause. For women in their child bearing year, it causes menstrual cycle disorder.

4. Etc.

III. Treatments
A. With herbs
1. Lycium fruit (Gou qi zi or Qi zi)
Lycium fruit has been used in TCM as a blood tonic and blood circulatory system enhancer. The berries are also excellent in use to smooth the liver and kidney channels

2 Ecommia (Du zhong)
It is also known ecommia bark, it is one the most used herb to enhance the function of meridian kidney-liver by promoting the qi and blood formation. Since the liver is a organ in charge of blood storing and blood formation and kidney is in charge of fluid regulation, it increases blood flow to the entire body and reduces fluid accumulated in the body, thus enhancing yang.

3. Cistanche (Rou cong rong)
Cistanche used in traditional Chinese medicine for reducing the blockage of kidney-large intestine meridian, thereby increasing the kidney function in increasing blood circulation to warm the uterus, assisting urinary secretion and digestive system in moving waste, resulting in lessening the fluid retention and amenorrhea.

4. Etc.

B. with acupuncture
Suggested acupuncture points
1. KD3 (Tai xi)
2. KD6 (Zhao hai)
3. CV4 (Guan yuan)
4. GV4 (Ming men)
5. GV20 (Bai hui)
6. GV39 (Jue gu)
7. UB11 (Da zhu)
8. UB23 (Shen shu)
9. Etc.

C. With foods
1. Sprouts
2. Mungbeans
3. Radish
4. Shelled sunflower
5. Soybean;
6. Whole sunflower
7. Whole grains
8. Leafy green vegetables
9. Fresh-made juice
10. Sea weeds
11. Etc.
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