Friday, 22 November 2013

Acne and Acne Care

There are many types of skin diseases in this world, the most common one is acne. Most people know acne is caused by dirt in oily skin pores, but little is known that acne is also caused by the system of toxins in the body. If our liver and kidney can not cleanse all toxins in the body, then our skin become the third source for cleansing the remainder of toxins. It is the internal causes of acne.
In this article, we will try to tackle acne, by using the most common sense approach without going through the expert advices.
Here are some common approach tips:
1. Acne care treatment: cream and lotion
Be sure before applying skin cream or lotion in acne effected area, wash it with mild soap and tepid water because water too hot or too cold might cause the breaking of capillaries (small veins). The best choice of acne cream and lotion is the one made by using ingredients of natural remedies that exist in the kitchen of your home for cost effectiveness and little or no side effect. You can find some acne formulas in this article. For convenience, there are plenty of acne creams and lotions in pharmacy drug stores. Be sure to choose one that does not contain chemicals causing side effects to your sensitive skin. Ask the pharmacist in the drug store which is the best approach. Please note that chemicals help to preserve the product might cause side effects to your sensitive skin.
2. Reducing the intake of saturated fat
Saturated fat intake causing the build up of cholesterol in capillaries, the small veins in your skin. Without giving enough oxygen to it, your skin becomes oily and easy to attract dirt, causing acne. To avoid this, you should substitute your red meat intake by 4- 8 servings every week with fish. They not only have good sources of protein as meat but also guards against the cholesterol build up in small veins in your skin.
3. Lower your body toxins
The system of toxins in your body exist in result of poor diet. If the liver and kidney are not able to get rid of these toxins completely, the skin becomes an extra burden to remove them, causing acne. To avoid this, adding some delicious antioxidants super-foods in your diet will help to solve this problem quickly such as garlic, ginger, etc.
4. Eat foods that purify your blood
Foods that help to purify your blood stream will increase the circulation of blood to your skin, helping the skin to become more healthy and immune from any skin problems such as acne. you can find these foods in these articles.

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